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Social Media QuestionsHow To Start A Video Blog
Avatarfloristpune asked 2 years ago
AvatarChinmay Soni replied 2 years ago

To start a video blog first decide on what topic will your videos be based on. It could be comedy, science, music, tutorial, games, etc.
After you decide your topic, start preparing your content, Like if it’s a comedy show then what will be the content, dialogues, characters, etc.
After that get a camera, It’s not necessary that it should be High definition of high resolution no, it could be the camera of your Smartphone also, but the picture quality and the sound must be clear.
Remember, your content should not be dirty or harming the norms of the society or a group.
Now choose a platform where you can publish your videos, of course the most popular platform is YouTube, or if you want you, create a website and upload your videos there, but it would be expensive..

AvatarVishal replied 2 years ago

A.2.)”Social Media”, pretty sure the moment you read this term the first thing that comes to the mind is Facebook , Facebook first and other platforms later.Almost a synonym for social networking.

One of the factors for Facebook being a big hit is the simply designed site and it’s convenient usage.

Following are the steps to post on Facebook :

1.)As you login,the first page displayed is the Home Page where it has a box at the top directly asking for you to post.

In case of a status,then just type the content in the box and post straightaway.

2.)If you wish to post a photograph,then tap on the ‘photo’ option , choose a file ,add filters to it,if you wish.

Once that is done you get another set of options such as “tag friends’ or ‘add location’,tap on them if you wish to add that as well.

Once you have done that,simply click on ‘post’.

3.)There are other options as well ,if you wish to post an activity or a feeling then tap on the ‘more’ option,it will take you to a page which will have choices such as ‘reading’,’drinking’,playing’ or ‘feeling good/positive/angry’ once you select from that all you have to do is just click ‘post’.

AvatarSatendra replied 2 years ago

First there are some things you can do in terms of channel optimization. Follow this advice:

Number of videos. Size of your channel is important. Increase your video output and start building your video archives. Figure out the right publishing schedule and follow a content calendar to get your video count up.
The frequency of new uploads. The algorithm loves regular uploads. Consistent audience is built by publishing content consistently. Release your new videos often and on a recurring schedule. Tell your viewers about your schedule to build buzz and make them look forward to watching your new video.
Video quality. High definition videos are more prominent than low quality videos in search results. Shoot and upload your videos in HD format.
Number of subscribers is important as having a large subscriber base signals your influence. It also means that your videos will have an audience from the moment you upload them.
Steps to increase viewer action
Viewer actions such as subscribing, liking, favoring, commenting and sharing in social media.

First of all get viewers to watch your content for longer.

Then get them to take action after watching your content to signal the value that your content is creating.

Majority of viewers usually don’t take any action after watching your video.

For your content to spread organically you need to get more viewers to take action.

AvatarSatendra replied 2 years ago

Combining text posts, images and videos gives you more flexibility in the way you present your content, it creates a better user experience and gives you a bigger reach.

In order to do this you need to have a blog as a hub where you publish all of your content.

Use WordPress to start one.

It’s a free, open source platform that can be easily integrated with YouTube videos, and more than 25% of the whole internet is powered by it.

WordPress needs a domain name and a web space to work.

A domain name is the address people will type in their browsers to get access to your site, and the server space is where you will store your content so it is accessible to everyone online.

There are many very capable and very affordable providers for hosting your site.

WordPress users offerI recommend Bluehost.

They offer a free domain name, 24/7 live support and WordPress recommends them.

More than 2 million WordPress blogs are hosted there.

And you can get hosted at $2.95 per month

AvatarAashish Kumar replied 2 years ago

Video blogging or vlogging is when you make a video and post it on the internet with the intention of getting a response from viewers. In most cases blogs are done in a series where the blogger will put out one blog per week, or per month on a particular topic.There are no real rules for vlogging. You can make a vlog about anything you want. The important thing is to pick a topic that you are passionate about and can stick with. A vlog isn’t much of a vlog with just one episode. so you need to purchase a camrecorder or start with the phone you have. The latest phones or phablets have a good quality camera. You can simply start with your phone. Youtube is considered as the best platform to start your video blog. As there are billions of users who use it each and evryday. So this is the best platform to start your video blog. Once if you have good followers then start a simple blog to drive this traffic there and make double money income sources.