How To Track The Number Of Visitors To A Website

Social Media QuestionsHow To Track The Number Of Visitors To A Website
Avatarvidabiaggini asked 1 year ago
AvatarTanushri Meena replied 1 year ago

When you visit the Google Analytics sign up page it will require you to create a Google account if you don’t already have one. If you already have a gmail account then you can use those credentials to login and establish a Google Analytics account. It is very simple to get your account set up. By default, “Website” is going to be selected under “What account would you like to track?” You will need to assign a name to your account and then also enter in your website name along with the URL. Once you select your industry and reporting time zone you will then click on the “Get Tracking ID” button to generate your custom Google Analytics code.By simply just installing your Analytics tracking ID as outlined in step number one above you can see how many visitors you website had on any given day, where they came from, what they did while they were on your website, and how long they stayed before leaving. While this is great data, you also need to know how many of them did what you want them to do while they were on your site. Things like eBook downloads, contact form submissions, newsletter registrations, or purchases are all things that you can also track with Google Analytics.

AvatarRita Yadav replied 1 year ago

Piwik is an open-source alternative to Google Analytics, with other features such as live visitor tracking built-in. For the crowd who don’t like Google having access to all of their data, Piwik is a great self-hosted option.

As with many open source alternatives, there is some legwork to be done to get Piwik set up correctly. Look for detailed directions in an upcoming MakeUseOf article by yours truly.

Piwik is absolutely free, and if you are willing to get your hands dirty, the source code is available to all for the ultimate customization.

AvatarAkshay Kumar Soni replied 1 year ago

The final tool I have for you today is Google Analytics.

This is extremely popular due to its extensive analytics features and of course, because it’s free.

I’m not going to go into too much detail on Google Analytics in this post as there are so many resources out there to help you, however I will highlight some of it’s features.Not only does it have all of the features of both JetPack site stats and Mint, but it has quite a few more.

You can view your visitors flow through your website; this means you can identify the most popular routes to, or from a specific page.

Social media information is presented; this includes referrals from a social network and interaction with a social button (like a tweet button) within your website.

You can also set up goals – This allows you to track how many people end up on a landing page, and how many of those convert into customers.

The goals provide you with a means working out the value of each one of your website visitors, and the social networks.

Because of the abundance of information that Google Analytics provides, the learning curve is still higher compared to the other analytics tools.

AvatarRavi replied 1 year ago

JetPack is a free WordPress plugin created by the creators of WordPress itself! The plugin is available for both (WordPress hosted) and (self hosted) websites.

It provides lots of additional functionality from contact forms to a spelling checker.

However the functionality I’m going to focus on is the ‘Site Stats’.To install JetPack, go to your WordPress websites admin > Plugins > Add new and type in JetPack.

Click the install button then activate your plugin.

If you don’t already have one, you will need to create a account. Then go to the plugin settings page and sign into your account.

That’s it!Digging into the stats
Once JetPack is installed, you will see a new navigational item in the left menu called JetPack. If you hover over that item, you will see ‘Site Stats’.

AvatarPriya Meena replied 1 year ago

To track number of visitors the best option is go for google analytics.
Google analytics is an online platform where you can analyze your website’s performance, not only number of visitors in fact much more than that.
– First of all make your account in google and then sign up for your google analytics account.
– Google analytics will provide you with a html code.
– Paste that Html code into your website’s main page, on the top of your main code.
– After some time when google gets your website’s information it will start showing you all the stats of your website.