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Avatarbert82q7182854 asked 1 year ago
AvatarAashish Kumar replied 1 year ago

As we all know pinterest is a social network which allows you to pin photos and videos, and to share it with others. Now how to get followers?, to get maximum follower you have to deliverer maximum effort, and there are number of ways of doing that, like
1. Spend as much time as you can in social media, be active most of the time.
2. Increase the number of people you follow, like your friends or relatives etc, follow them. By doing this you are expanding your network of peoples.
3. Use precise keywords for images, dont’t post fake content, and share posts of people’s interest.
4. Be updated and share posts on current topics and trends.
5. Link your Pinterest profile to other social media platform like facebook, Google+ etc.

AvatarRajeshwar Meena replied 1 year ago

Verify Your Website
Without verification, you won’t have access to Pinterest analytics.

Here’s how to get it done:

Go to the main page of your account & choose “Edit Profile”
Scroll to the bottom, add your website address & click “Verify”
You’ll see a pop-up with verification instructions — select “download the html verification file”
Upload the file into the root directory of your website via FTP or CPanel then return to your Pinterest profile & click the button that says “click here to complete the process”
You should receive a message that says your verification was successful & you’re good to go!
At this point, I recommend that you request access to Rich Pins.

AvatarRahul Soni replied 1 year ago

Your first step is to create a business account.

If you currently use a personal profile for your business, you’re missing out on a bunch of awesome features, the most important of which are:

Rich Pins
Promoted Posts
You won’t gain access to any of these features until you convert your personal account to a business account!Set Up Your Business Account
You have 2 choices here:

1. Create a Brand New Business Account (in Addition to Your Profile)
If you already have a personal Pinterest profile & you’re logged in, log out now
Go to Pinterest for Business & choose “Join as a Business”
Complete the details about your business & manager of the account
Read & accept if you agree to the Pinterest Business Terms of Service & click “Create Account