How To Use Social Media For Your Business

Social Media QuestionsHow To Use Social Media For Your Business
Avatareusebiagwynne7 asked 1 year ago
AvatarRavi Kumar replied 1 year ago

An employee advocacy program is one way of leveraging communities. It allows you to utilize the strength in numbers approach to promote your content to more social media users. However, you first have to have a community in order to do so. There are already more than two million communities within LinkedIn alone. Not to mention additional communities in the form of Twitter chats, Google Plus communities, shared Pinterest boards, and even Facebook Groups.

Joining and becoming an engaging member of relevant communities allows you to promote your content to a very targeted audience of social media users. Such groups could be in the hundreds, thousands, or even more

AvatarRaj Kumar replied 1 year ago

Share your expertise.
Post little-known, fun facts in the form of questions with a special offer presented to the first person to answer correctly.
Provide value.
While including fun posts that reflect your personality is a must, it’s important to create content that benefits your followers. That can mean posting tips on best practices, providing access to white papers, or offering special deals on products or services.
Enhance the rewards for virtual check-ins.
For a specific period of time, double the points each time a customer checks in on Foursquare and triple the points each time he or she brings a friend. Their friends on social networks will see when they’ve checked in while you expand your reach exponentially.

AvatarNeeraj Sharma replied 1 year ago

Whether you have a website or not, there are several benefits when you use social media for business to help establish an online presence including:

Simplicity and speed: easy-to-use interfaces mean your presence can be up and running in minutes.
Cost-effectiveness: a social media page can be developed for little or no cost.
Built-in base of members: social networks are a place to reach and engage existing and potential customers.
If your business already has a website, you can use your social media channels as marketing tools to amplify your company brand, message and content in order to drive visitors back to your main website.

But if a website isn’t in your strategy or budget. As a branded Web address that points to your social presence.As a branded email address to reinforce your social presence while giving your business added credibility.

AvatarPiyush Sharma replied 1 year ago

Social media marketing now days are the easiest and an effective way of marketing. Most of the people have accounts on social media, so it is the easiest way to connect to thousands of people directly. You can post your advertisement for your company on facebook, visit the link to see the procedure Make your own official page on social media, post regular activities of your company on that page, share videos, photos and some eye catching information. Go for campaigning, announce interesting offer, increase your connections by doing tie ups. With social media you can know your position in the market, and who are your competitors, and how do you need to deal with them to move ahead of them.

AvatarNishant Singh replied 1 year ago

Create a Pinterest board.
Make sure the board has eye-catching visuals and run a contest through it that will inspire and reward customers for their participation. Be sure to encourage them to re-pin and create their own boards that reflect the initial contest for additional social amplification of your campaign.
Avoid syndicated messages.
While you can use tools that allow you to write one message and have it appear on a variety of social media outlets, you risk losing the sincerity behind the message. You can use similar language as you promote your offer on different sites; just be sure to change up the words while reflecting the tone of each network.
if you find that your customers are scattered across a variety of networks, focus your efforts where they’re most active. Not sure? Ask. Otherwise, you may waste a lot of time skimming the surface of multiple networks with little results.
When small-business owners apply these best practices to social media engagement and promotion, we’ll likely see that already impressive 72 percent success statistic continue to rise.