How To Use Twitter Effectively?

Social Media QuestionsHow To Use Twitter Effectively?
Avatarmorganpalazzi asked 1 year ago
AvatarFaizal Khan replied 1 year ago

how to use twitter effectively depends on the fact that why are you using twiiter? for business purpose or to create a big fan base or just for fun.
Still there are some tips which can definately improve your twiiter activity-
• Responding to other users
• Liking and Re-tweeting other content
• Following new accounts and organizing them into lists
• Thanking new followers
• Looking at trending topics and finding ways to incorporate them into your strategy
• Always, always acknowledge people who shared the information with you
• Follow people back. This allows them to connect with you personally

AvatarRajendra Sharma replied 1 year ago

Infuse personality into your profile
People trust people, not default profile images. Use a real picture of yourself and infuse your unique personality into your bio. This generates interest and encourages people to not only follow you but relate to your passions and keep an eye on your tweets. It all leads to more retweets. Be the first to break the news
Choose a topic (or several topics) that are near and dear to your heart and consistently provide valuable information. That will allow you to position yourself as an expert in that area and your followers will come to rely on the valuable information that’s hitting their Twitter streams.

If you stay on top of the latest and greatest, try to break the news to your followers as you get it. That will increase the number of retweets you get and will foster the conversation around your news.

AvatarHarsh Rathore replied 1 year ago

Tweet consistently, leave space
I recommend tweeting consistently. However, most of us choose a time during the day to catch up on the news and do some research. We come across multiple data points and links that we want to share with our followers.

But sending 15 tweets within the same hour may be overwhelming to your followers and may be considered spam. So, I suggest you schedule the tweets throughout the day with at least 30 minutes between them.Ask and answer questions
Asking your followers a question is the best way to engage them (and get some valuable information in the process.). But if you want your followers to engage with you, you need to engage with them. Answer their questions, share your knowledge, participate. Also consider engaging in chats. Twitter becomes more beneficial to you when you provide value to others.