#ShutTheFakeUp – New campaign By Congress to counter fake news

shut the fake up

Last Saturday Indian National Congress started a campaign against “fake news” was kicked off by the Twitter handle, @STFUIndianMedia. This was the first online poll campaign by Congress, titled “Shut The Fake UP”, on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Claiming it to be an initiative to call out the BJP regime and the fake news propaganda of the last five years, the Congress party has come up with the campaign to show how the trend of unverified news and information has affected the people of India.

The first issue taken up as a part of this campaign was unemployment, where Congress targeted the Narendra Modi Government and media channels on the issue of not addressing the youth on the concern.


The first post from this campaign brought about 50,000 views within the first hour of its launch, and the hashtag #ShutTheFakeUp managed to trend among the top 10 trends on Twitter during the day.


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