Social media advertisement is both an art and science of engaging your users. When it comes on attracting the users social media can act as a compliment in targeting your advertisements to the specific or general users depending on your small business. Though this wide world of social media is complicated by itself, don’t let your idea of advertisement fade away.


In this article we will see how a social media platform could be helpful with the advertisements and what are the tactics to be adopted for an effective return to your numerous online efforts.

1. Reach and Audience

Facebook is at an apex of social media with the one of the largest users in the world. It has more than 1 billion people worldwide. The most important part you should know about the demographics of this social media platform. As per facts the user’s commodity represents 33% of all internet users across the globe, hence this platform can be utilized for exposing your brand to this wide network of consumers.

2. Format of Advertisements

After surveying all the demographics of the user’s accountability, it’s now time to decide on the format of the advertisements to be used. It’s always better to know how an ad will be presented online. This will give a good idea whether the advertisements concepts would translate to targeted users or not.
Facebook features different formats for ads. We will feature some of the most widely used options of advertisements.


A page post in appearance is lot more similar to what users see on profiles, and therefore will have more attention of the people. Page post ads are very good for attracting readers to check the link of your business page.

This format can again be broken down as per the specification of the profile handler and even the targeted users. With this option you can also send the links of your specific product or landing page to very specific user group.
The users can also directly like and even share your page post without even accessing your business page.
This is the most effective way of advertisements as it attracts the users directly, but for an effective page post there is a need for great graphics.
Graphics are very important as these posts shows up directly into the user’s news feed, thus important for attracting the users.


The side bars are more traditional option for advertisements. It is located on right hand side of a Facebook user’s screen. These are small sidebars typically placed amongst couple of other ads. These have very limited spaces for images and text. Hence, the message should be very concise and appealing. Side bars are very effective in increasing the number of likes for your business.


As per facts there are nearly a billion daily mobile users while 30 percent of Facebook users browse through mobile devices. Therefore, it’s also necessary to design an ad campaign specifically for mobile users.

3. Targeting

After studying the demographics of your users as well as deciding the format of your advertisement, it is also important to know about the kind of audience you are reaching.
Facebook provide a very sophisticated range of targeting your users. Through Facebook you can target your ads based on location like zip code, postal code etc., gender, likes and interests, relationship status, education and more. This feature would in return help in reaching out to the specific user base.
3. Pros and cons

The social media is very uncertain about its consistency in the field of the posts and blogs it manages hence possess its pros and cons both.

The biggest advantage of Facebook advertising for any kind of business is that it’s a platform which has its ability to reach out to a huge number of potential customers. This in turn is actually again a disadvantage. As Facebook is a huge player in the advertising game among the others social media platform, hence you might need to have a large budget for your small business which might prove a smaller dent than you hoped for.


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