Sula Vineyards: The Pioneers of Sustainable Wine Tourism in the country

sula vineyard

Sula Vineyards, India’s largest and most awarded wine brand is pioneering Sustainable Tourism in Asia. The brand, over the years, has just not pleased the palate but also the planet. Sula Vineyards has evolved from being just a winery to being one of the most sustainable wineries in the world.

With over two decades of leading all things wine, the country’s leading winemaker has proudly put the legacy and heritage of Indian wines on a global platform. Be it wines, hospitality or even the music festival; Sula Vineyards endeavors to keep evolving when it comes to the art of Indian wine making. The proud curators of wine tourism in the country since 2005; The Tasting Rooms at Sula are the place on earth where most people have tried wine for the first time. It also opened India’s first heritage winery resort The Source at Sula in 2017 in Nashik.

More than 75% of our power comes from solar

The most abundant natural resource and not owned by anyone; the sun’s rays are put to good use by the brand. Almost all the rooftops are covered with solar panels in the vineyards in Nashik; hard to miss them while taking a leisurely stroll!

Solar Panels in the Nashik Valley_Sula Vineyards

Every drop counts!

We recycle almost 40 million litres of water a year, which is enough to fill the iconic Gangapur Lake! To make this possible, we’ve made changes in every aspect of how our resorts operate. Water-efficient bathroom fittings have been installed, house-keeping keep our hotels spotless with recycled water and guests are encouraged to take small actions to help us too, like turning off running water when they don’t need it.

We also use drip irrigation in our vineyards which cuts water consumption by almost half as compared to traditional flood irrigation methods.

No plastic in sight

We love the sound of glass clinks! Even if it’s not wine! Guests are often startled by the absence of plastic mineral water bottles in our resorts. These are replaced by reusable glass bottles with mineral water. Dedicated efforts are undertaken to eradicate plastic from all food and beverage offerings including cutlery and packaging.

Almost no waste to landfills!

Sula has also recently started generating its own biogas, fueled by food waste generated by the restaurants. We are so proud that all these measures mean almost no waste generated from wineries is being sent to landfills.

Rain Water Harvesting_Sula Vineyards

Supporting the local community

The hospitality operations of Sula that employees over 160 people believes in supporting the local community through its CSR efforts as well as employing people from surrounding villages. Where people once struggled with the basics of life, Sula has created a positive impact on the lives of many. Happy faces do not shy away from showing off basic luxuries like clean drinking water, a refrigerator or even color pencils for children!

“We recognise a clear commitment to sustainability, demonstrated through good practice and policy to make a positive contribution to reducing impact on the environment. We are all aware of the importance of tackling climate change. Sula harnesses a deep commitment to being sustainable and implementing green policies, while maintaining excellent guest experience. We aim to be one of the most environmentally friendly hotels in the country,” says Monit Dhavale, Senior Vice President of Hospitality Operations at Sula Vineyards.

“Sula has not only set the bar in India’s wine market, but has also empowered hundreds of people by generating employment and improving the lives of people living in communities that are based in the areas we operate. With growing business comes a serious responsibility towards the environment and community as well. Sustainability is etched deep in our values and is just not a fad for us. We truly believe in making wine keeping the future in mind. We’ve come a long way yet there’s so much more to do! But like they one sip at a time” says Rajeev Samant, CEO, Sula Vineyards.

Besides red and whites, Sula Vineyard’s has a keen inclination towards all things green. The brand’s existence in the industry is a true symbol of its potential and vision. Its wholesome holistic wine experience marks Indian wines on the global grape map!


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