Top 10 Famous Affiliate Marketing Blogs- A Source Sheet For A Beginner

Top 10 famous affiliate marketing blogs

Internet era has reshaped the lifestyle of us and the business. The day when the Internet took life, that’s the day Affiliate Marketing started. The digital market became a breath of fresh air to the businesses. One of the significant elements in the digital space is Affiliate Market(ing).

Be it a new business or well-reputed business; Affiliate Marketing steers most of the business.

Do you know the definition of Affiliate Marketing?

I know most of you are aware of it, but to those who do not have the idea of what Affiliate Marketing is, here’s is the definition-

A marketing arrangement or agreement by an online retailer who pays commission to an external website for driving traffic and leads from its referrals through the blog posts.

It is the stand-alone element in the digital market zone and the primary source to mint money that benefits both blogger and marketer.

Nifty, huh!

What more it can do?

  • Helps to promote services on your blog.
  • Can add individual links to your content.
  • Every time the link gets clicked by the reader, you get a cut of profits from the retailer.

Sounds fascinating!!

For all the rookies who are eager to learn everything about the market, scroll down to the “top 10 famous pack of affiliate marketing blogs, a source sheet for a learner”.

1. ShoutMeLoud

Harsh Agrawal started ShoutMeLoud in 2008. The blog speaks about topics like technology, blogging, SEO, WordPress and a lot more stuff related to the digital market.

The blog contains real case studies on how to make money online, get traffic, etc.


The blog is founded by award-winning blogger Matthew Woodward. His blog shares more about bloggers income reports. The blog is mostly with real case studies, tips on the internet and affiliate marketing, and practical guides.

Matthew Woodward is a successful online and affiliate marketer. His blog gives you an idea on maximizing the traffic, enhancing SEO, the start of a blog and a lot more.

3. Blog Marketing Academy

David Risley’s Blog Marketing Academy blog, unlike others, never educates you to sell ads, write product reviews, or use AdSense. Instead, his blog encourages you to start creating products and mint money from them.

4. Smart Passive Income Blog

The blog is started in 2008 by the famous Pat Flynn. His blog contains tools and techniques to earn passive income smartly with the help of affiliate marketing. The blogger also writes about effective online marketing.

Pat Flynn is considered as one of the go-to affiliate marketers in the internet market industry.


John Chow is considered as the internet marketing lord. The oldest marketing dude is still considered as the Internet marketing gurus in the blogging space.

John’s eBook assists you in how to grow from 0 to 40,000 dollars every month. This is considered as the best book to guide a beginner.

6. I Am Attila

I Am Attila is a step-by-step guide that showcases on affiliate market, case studies and a lot more. The hand-on blog is a great start to learn more about the market which will give you experience.

7. Missy

The eponymous blogger, Miss Ward is the co-founder and CEO of Affiliate Summit. She has written a book called “Make Money With Your WordPress Blog”.

Missy Ward’s free affiliate marketing resources contain a free print publication and YouTube Channel that guides beginners.

8. Niche Pursuits

Niche Pursuits is started by Spencer Haws. Spencer is a successful online entrepreneur who has gained a lot of recognition by building niche websites and affiliate marketing. His blog speaks about the case studies and guides not only of affiliate marketing but anything that sources money from a site.

So beginners, here is a good start to make most of the money with the guidance through Spencer’s Niche Pursuits website.

9. Affiliate Marketing Blog

Shawn Collins co-founds affiliate Marketing Blog. The website is one of the famous blogs that give you a clear picture of what the market is about.

Shawn Collins is claimed to the bigwig in the internet industry and has been an affiliate marketer since 1997. He hosts the popular podcast, This Is Affiliate Marketing which will give you updates on the affiliate marketing industry.


Mark Ling founded the website Affilorama in 2006. His articles are a go-to guide for learners. Mark has many affiliate products that help people to make money from affiliate marketing.

Affilorama blog is the best blog to the beginners to have a piece of detailed knowledge on the market.

Affiliate Marketing, a niche that links marketer and blogger

Affiliate Marketing is not that easy as it sounds. It needs a significant focus on what you going represent to the audience. The old market is going strong day by day projecting a plethora of talents and dollars to both business and bloggers. Like Yin and Yang, Affiliate Marketing has both pros and cons. Nevertheless, what it represents one should follow the basic notions and its techniques to sustain in the inflated internet marketing world.

The famous 10 bloggers may be a useful resource to all the beginners thriving to be in the prosperous market.

Beginners, now it’s time to Scroll. Click. Read. Start.


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