Truebil brings the mother of all festive offers, provides a 7 day trial period for buyers to return a car


Also releases a film to convey the offering in a deeply engaging way,Truebil to follow a no-questions asked return policy

Truebil, India’s leading auto-tech platform for buying and selling of pre-owned cars, recently announced an offer that will significantly add to the festive cheer of people looking to bring in wheels during this Diwali. Pre-owned car buyers from Truebil’s platform will be given a 7 day trial period and no-questions asked moneyback guarantee if the chosen car does not meet the buyer’s purchase criteria.

To ensure the offer reaches out to maximum clients in the most impactful way possible, Truebil has also launched a film about a family buying a pre-owned car. In the film, the father proudly showcases his recently purchased red car to his family, only to realize that the youngest member does not seem as happy as others. The film then reveals what makes him unhappy and how Truebil’s recent offer provides the ideal solution to make the little boy, and in effect, the entire family extremely happy!

Under this offer, buyers will have a whole week to test-drive a car and see if it meets their needs. If, for any reason, the buyer is not satisfied with the car, they will be able to get a full refund on their purchase amount. All they have to do is ensure the car is returned within 7 days from the date of purchase and has been driven under 200km. Additionally, they must ensure that none of the car parts have been damaged or replaced, i.e. they should be returned in the same condition that they were received in. 

Commenting on the offer, Shubh Bansal, Co- Founder, Truebil said, “At Truebil, we always look for opportunities that can add to the spirit of the great festivals that make our country so vibrant and distinct in its camaraderie. The pre-owned car industry has reported positive growth at a time when the entire automobile sector is suffering through unprecedented slowdown, and the festive season offers a great hope to stop this glut. We hope the offer further boosts the buyer’s confidence in Truebil as a brand and is able to convey our deep seated philosophy of putting the customer in the driving seat for our marketing efforts.”

For long, people have returned or exchanged clothing, food items and even electronic goods through various online platforms or even at retail stores. But when it comes to comes to cars, there really isn’t much scope in terms of a money-back or exchange. In such a scenario, Truebil’s offer is a masterstroke, and one that has the potential to set a benchmark for effective marketing strategies in the pre-owned automobile domain.


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