What Not To Post- 7 Things Entrepreneurs Should Not Post On Social Media

What not to post- 7 things entrepreneurs should not post on social media

Clueless on how things would be existing if Mark Zuckerberg did not think of bringing Facebook into the world. I presume that the rise of social media networks came into existence because of Facebook evolution. He fabricated a different era where he is not aware of what changes the breakthrough has done to the entrepreneurial world.

Social media now became a major network hub for entrepreneurs to run a business. From small to significant businesses, social media is used in every axis, like from posting trends and brand engagements. Social media spins most of the market, without this, your online business will be like another brick and mortar business.

Users or customers enjoy something that interests them. If you understand even the teensy details of what a customer is interested in, then your business can achieve more. Customers have different tastes, and we cannot predict what actually they want, common trends change in their interests.

So, to act accordingly with the ’customer’s interests, entrepreneurs should not post some specific things on social media if and only you want to captivate your users interest towards your page.

How? Let’s check.

7 Things Entrepreneurs Should Not Post On Social Media

1. All about ‘You’

Knowing about you and your entrepreneurship is okay to some extent. But always blabbering about you and your company will affect your viewers base. Social media is 40 percent about you and 60 percent about the in and around happenings in the market.

Bragging about your brand makes your viewers feel enough of it. Always make sure that there are other important things around you to let your viewers know about. Tell them about the other trending things and also about the companies that created trends.

2. A big no to ‘Politics and Religion’ stuff

Religion and Politics both are delicate issues, which are better if you are not dealing in your regular posts. You may have a different meaning to these matters, but viewers mean it negatively.

Prefer to keep your customers happy to use your services or products with some purpose by not hurting their customs and beliefs.

3. Spreading negative and damaging stuff about clients

People should remember your social media page for fun and refreshing things, not for the negative stuff that you post. If you post 24 hours about the sky is falling viewers can feel horrified and negative about your social media page.

It is better if you post something that creates positive and happy things among people to share.

4. Non-social media content

Posting about the boring content, lectures kind of stuff is not a social media content thing. Viewers feel like a one-way conversation and stop following your pages because it is basically meant to be blogging or PRWeb thing.

People follow you on social media, assuming that they know about your company and services that offer. So always try to make funny stuff to get people sharing about your product.

5. Too much of Updates

They say every social channel has its own posting frequency tolerance. It is true. Suppose posting several posts on Twitter is okay, but pouring too many updates in other social media channels like Instagram and Facebook makes people irked.

No matter how best your content is, it is always suggestible to have one post at a day. Do not clog up with posts on your fans’ feeds. There should be a proper frequency in distributing the posts.

6. Typos and Errors

To make a err is a human tendency, accepted. But running too many typos and errors in the social media content is not acceptable always. Internet trolling became too dangerous than the virus. Trollers readily attack with the comments my creating spoilers and a lot more. Not only this, but viewers also cannot bear the errors you always run in the social media content.

Do run spellcheck. It will not even kill your minutes, might take a minute to check. Sometimes emojis or emoticons work best when running out of words. Make use of them to attract viewers to your content.

7. Content not validate

One of the most worse things is posting content in social media, which is not verified. Celebrities are more vulnerable to this type of not valid content about them. Posting the stuff which is not checked, is making people believe the false impressions on the others. Once the cat is out of the bag, imagine your page will be blamed by outside viewers as well.

Post the content in it when only is verified. It is better adding some good things about them instead post some irrelevant stuff about products or clients.

Make these “7 Rules as your 7 Vows” in your business before posting content in the social media.


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