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10 Brands That Did Instagram Contests Right

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There are multiple ways to advertise on Instagram, be it buying ads, or writing copies or posting photos of the products you sell. But nothing comes close to running a contest on Instagram. You might ask why? Because of the sheer number of user engagement, it brings you.

Running contests on Instagram, makes users want to interact with your content. They share the post, interact in the contest and spread the word to others.

Let’s have a look at 10 brands who ran the best Instagram contests that are worth your watch:

#1 The Avacado Contest

Love One Today ran an avocado contest recently, promoting a healthy way to live. They ran the AvoFruitFull contest to gain traction.

This encouraged Instagram users to create their very own avocado creations.

#2 Stoka Bar’s Boatload of Giveaways

Tell us one person who doesn’t want to win 40 free treat bars? Stoka Bars, known for low calorie, crunchie and delicious treat bars. They ran a contest who’s winner will get 40 free treat bars, to gain followers.

#3 Pink Lime Look’s Good Hair Day Contest

Pink Lime Look ran a contest for users to get featured and win $500 makeover. All users had to do is submit a photo with their favourite hairstyle, with the brand’s hashtag.

Simple yet highly engaging !!

#4 Lifebox Food and Punks and Chancers Collab Contest

Here’s how Lifebox Food and Punks and Chancers ran their contest with collaboration on Instagram. All users had to do is follow both the brand’s page, like and tag a friend. And the prize: A cool sweater, a tote bag, and a delicious box of vegan food.

Collaboration is one of the best ways to gain more followers.

#5 Simon and Schuster’s ‘Troublemaking’ Contest

The contest asked the users to post their very own troublemaking strategies. The winner would get Cecile Richard’s new book, a tote bag, cute pins, and a bookmark.

#6 Valdo Prosecco’s Trip to Italy

Valdo offered the winner of the contest a trip to Italy, now think about it, who wouldn’t want to go to the most beautiful country in the world.

All users had to do is take a photo of cocktail they made using Valdo Prosecco.

#7 Melissa Corser’s Makeup Giveaway

Melissa Corser ran a contest that gave the winner a chance to win makeup and nails done by Melissa Corser.

In result, they got more tagged users, heavy engagement and big exposure.

#8 Fushi’s New Product Launch

Fushi ran a contest while launching their brand new product Biovedic skincare solution.

Prize: A full set of Ayurvedic skin products for healthier, more beautiful skin.

#9 Shockingly Healthy’s Contest for Free Tickets

Shockingly healthy ran a contest by offering the Instagram users a chance to win two tickets to Green Living Show.

All the users had to do is like and follow their page. In turn, they got followers and engagement.

#10 Domino’s Super Fan Contest

Domino’s ran a contest asking users to prove they were the biggest fans of the brand, superfans.

And guess the prize, $10,000 !!!!

If you are looking to get more engagements, be more creative with your contest on Instagram, there’s nothing that will come in your way in getting better engagements and followings.

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Last Updated on January 20, 2020 by Vishal Ravish