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10 Popular WebSites To Buy Cheap Domain Names

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Domain name is also called an IP address. It is an is an identification to your resource like website or blog on the Internet. For example www.yoursitename.com. The domain name of your website is stored in the DNS database and this DNS database is managed by The Internet Corporation for assigned names and number popularly known as ICANN.


Anyone can register a domain name through various domain Registrar Sites. All you need is a credit card to pay the registration fee for the domain. You can register a domain name for your website or blog for minimum 1 year and later you can renew it. While registering a domain, you must provide all your personal information to the registrar site and now anyone can see your contact details including mobile number and residence address through WHOISDOMAIN. So, make sure you also pay for domain name privacy, which protects your personal information from the public.

How to Buy a Domain Name:

Buying a domain name is very simple and quite straightforward. You have to log in to a domain registrar website like Godaddy and you have to look for the unique domain name. Once you are able to find a unique domain name you have to pay domain name. It is like buying a product from Amazon.

How to Choose a good Domain Name

Choosing a good domain name is very important a good domain name can be a blessing for your business. Here are few tips on how to choose a good domain name.

  • A Domain which is relatively short
  • A domain with keyword of your niche
  • A domain with easy to spell
  • A domain which is easy to remember
  • Domain which ends with .com

Searching for the cheapest Domain Registrar sites is a bit hard and also getting a cheap domain registration. You don’t find any advantage with expensive domain names. I personally recommend you to choose a cheap domain registrar site with great discounts, deals and register a great domain name. So, in this blog post, we will talk about the 10 Popular WebSites To Buy Cheap Domain Names.

10 Popular WebSites To Buy Cheap Domain Names:

#1 HostWinds:

HostWind is a user-friendly option for registration and hosting, even if you’re transferring from another service. It lists out all the extensions to create your domain name with prices to register, transfer, or renew for each extension, unlike some services that bury these within the website. You simply enter the domain name you want and check the availability, and can theoretically get going in a few clicks (if it’s available or taken). It will then tell you if it is available or taken. HostWind provides you the cheapest option available for buying your domain

#2 GoDaddy

GoDaddy recommends you domains based on certain keywords, which is useful if you’ve not got the one you want available (they’ll actually remove these from the search to try and not break your heart), and they’ve also significantly improved their hosting offering. They still continue to offer weird things like “email services” that other hosting companies provide too.

#3 SnapNames

SnapNames is a web domain name marketplace. They only deal specifically with domains that are currently owned by somebody else. They offer daily and premium auctions, private brokerage of domains, and buy-it-now listings for buying and selling domain names, including over 30 million domain names that aren’t all, as you’ll find on some services, exorbitant. They have over three million customers, including a significant number of small businesses, which is worth it.

#4 Flippa

Flippa is another marketplace for domain names, but they have a significant number of domain names at much, much lower prices, some even costing as low as a dollar. You can also purchase an existing website and a mobile app from Flippa, potentially making it a great starter for your online existence.

#5 iPage

This company was founded in 1998 and set up their office in India in 2012. Ipage is owned by Endurance International Group. The company is also providing services like cloud computing services and domain registrar. The company was founded by Thomas Gorny at Burlington. URL: www.ipage.com

#6 FatCow

has one of the cheapest offers for an entire website package, with hosting and domain names for just thirty cents during your first month. After, that the price is $10.99 a month or $59.88 for the whole year, in a shared hosting package with enough bandwidth for most people. This is a limited promotion I found, but they still sell fairly well-priced packages (their “fat” options come with extras like marketing and advertising credits), and will gladly offer you perks for transferring your domains and hosting to them.

#7 Hostgator

Hostgator is an international web hosting company founded in 2002. Hostgator has started its operations in India. They set up a support office and data center in Maharashtra. As other hosting companies they also provide domain registrar and SSL certificates to the customers.

#8 Hostt:

Hostt is a just-launched free web hosting company that includes domain name purchasing and registration. They have a suite of offerings, such as one where you’ll pay $13.99 per year for domain names with extensions that include .com, .net, .org, .us, .biz, and .info., but have unlimited bandwidth, web space, sub-domains, parked domains, sub-domains and email accounts, among other things.

 #9 Name Cheap


NameCheap offers domain names to individuals and businesses including a wide range of new TLDs that can draw further attention to your particular business segment. They also have a user-friendly control panel for buying domain names as well as offer hosting and tools for building your website. I personally used them to transfer over 25 domain names at once, and it took a few days and about three clicks. They’re my go-to processor for names I’m just looking to hold.

#10 BigRock

BigRock is first Indian web host and a part of Directi group. They provide domain at very low rates and other lots of free features and prompt technical support makes BigRock best-hosting company in India.

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