Top 10 Social Media Marketing Tips for Ecommerce Websites


We all know about the ecommerce boom in India. Studies suggest that ecommerce is here to stay. So, if you have started an ecommerce business, congratulations! There’s immense scope of revenue generation with eCommerce. Now in this digital age, it is unthinkable that your ecommerce company doesn’t have a social media presence. Below I have listed the top 10 tips to utilize the power of social media for the success of an eCommerce business.

1. Create Attractive Profiles and Blogging:

Along with your website, make separate profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram etc. Also, start a blog and update it regularly. They can prove to be a great branding tool. You can also start guest posting to other blogs in your niche. This will help in establishing your credibility.

2. Social Buttons:


Remember to strategically place your social buttons on your website. This way, the visitors to your blog will follow you on social media channels and stay updated with news and facts from your side.

3. Sharable Reviews:

Encourage your customers to write reviews of the products they purchase from you. At the end of the review, put social buttons, which your customers can share on their social media profiles. This will make your product go viral and boost the visibility of your website and its products.

4. Be Active and Responsive:

Monitor your social media profiles closely and regularly. If there are any customer queries, respond very promptly. Also, if there’s any customer complaint, attend to it immediately. Apologize, if needed or provide proper solutions to them. This will create a transparency about your website. If you keep quiet and don’t attend to their queries, it will not speak high of your company.

5. Harness the Power of Pictures

Having good products is not the end of the game. Pictures can speak volumes about your products. High quality pictures of your products can be the deciding factor for your customers’ buying decision. Click detailed pictures of your products from different angles and also some close up shots. Post them across different social media platforms.

6. Pinterest for Your Ecommerce Website:


Create a verified account on Pinterest. Write a good description about your company and its products. Start creating boards to where you can showcase your company’s products. Keep in mind to add enough pins to attract maximum number of followers. See to it that your boards are appealing enough for your target audience.

7. Video Promotion:


Feature your products in a video. Videos are a great way to establish your credibility in your niche. For example, if you are an ecommerce company selling wigs. Create a video where you teach the viewers about hair styling with wigs or you can upload a video showing how the wigs are made. In the videos, try not coming across as too sale-sy, instead focus on providing value to the audience. However, don’t forget to subtly mention your website’s or product’s name. So, create a high quality video, upload it on YouTube and share the link on different social media channels.

8. Hashtag Marketing


Of all the social media marketing channels, twitter and Instagram are the most effective when it comes to hash-tagging. However, bear in mind, too much use of hash tags can put off your readers. But use hashtags in moderation, as they help you in reaching beyond your followers. Hashtags have proven to double up the rate of fan engagement. Now, that could be huge for your ecommerce business.

9. Participation Marketing Campaign

It’s a good idea to launch a limited period participation campaign, across Facebook or Twitter. You could start a contest and giveaway freebies to the first few winners. Myntra’s treasure hunt campaign was very successful and helped in gaining for fans and followers. A similar participation marketing campaign can work wonders for your ecommerce company. In order to launch such a campaign, plan in advance and also, you may consider collaborating with other leading brands. It’s time to expand your customer base.

10. Social media for Market Survey

What’s the point selling something that your target customers aren’t really looking for? Instead, won’t it be a great idea if you could sell stuff exactly what the market is looking for? Social media polls and surveys are a great way to understand the market needs and demands. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that what you are selling has demands in the market. Go and find out exactly what your target consumers are looking for and cater to their needs. This will definitely boost your brand identity. Soon you will see your business flourishing like never before!