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10 Things You Should Never Post On Social Network

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While there are too many social networking sites allowing you to share and see general information of others, it simultaneously increased the risk of hack of identity. Anyone can stalk anyone. That is too troublesome and dangerous. It is not the case always when you have to be reticent when using social site but, not to disclose some private information is a good step towards security on social networking. Here are 10 important things you should never post publicly on social sites:


Your House Address
Address of business correspondence is understandable but address of your home and private locations such as flats etc. are worthless to share first and second not secure. Anyone stalking you for wrong intentions can have easy approach to your address where you live which is not only dangerous for you but also for others who lives with you. Never post the address of house and places which, are not of concern for everybody.

Personal Contact Number
You want to share your personal numbers with your acquaintances that is alright but if it falls into the wrong hands then it might be a debacle as for your privacy concerns. There are plenty of tools like reverse phone number look up tool which traces your location. An alternate solution is to allow people to call using Google Voice phone number, anyway try to avoid sharing your number on sites if possible.

Your Location
You share a status on twitter and face book with telling your current location as where are you at, indirectly you are telling potential thieves that you are not at home. Now you can realize how cumbersome it might be. Wandering freely but no need to mention where are you to everyone is a great theory during hangouts.

Geotagging onto pictures
Many OS like Android & iOS now-a-days provide this feature in mobile phones. You are taking pictures and you might be unaware of this fact that phone is recording the locations of your pictures. After this a road map to you is easily available on internet. Well you’d be ensuring then no one wants to come after you. Next time be cautious about Geotags.

Vacation Plans and Check-Ins
You think that it is a expression of excitement when you update your status that you are going on vacations or do the check-ins while you are having vacations far away home? Actually you are telling some evil minded guy that you are on vacations so rob you or rob your house where is no one. Both the cases generate anguish as about your life and security. Don’t tell people about your personal vacation plans or whereabouts until you don’t get to home safely.
Job profile and ongoing projects
You tell people on social sites about how much you are in problem while working in your job or give updates about project datelines, you are cutting off the nose to spite the face! You are criticizing your work and giving all the information about what is your job which may be prolific for your competitor who wants the same job or the same job at your place. Keep your social networking life and official life away from each other.

To Post A Joke Or Secret Of Someone
Past recent cases reveals how social networking site sometime worked as anathema to those who have their secret problems. Black mailers are taking unwanted benefits through social media. In some other cases remember you could lose a good relationship with someone just because you mock him publicly on a site. Doesn’t matter if you delete it later someone could have been taken a screen shot and spoil your image to other whom you mocked. Stay careful when posting about someone.

Sharing Your relationship status
You update your relationship status as being single and that time you have given signal to stalkers that you are alone maybe so you are inviting unwanted accidents. You can update your status as ‘It’s complicated’ as to prevent yourself from this kind of happenings.

Picture Of Your Children Or Other Family Members
Security of yourself and people around you is must in any case. Don’t tag your members and specially children as to protect them from evil minded people who take information very easily from social sites. If you do tagging then choose your privacy options very carefully that with whom you want to share.

Your Full Birth Date
It feels so good when on your birth day everyone wishes you by stating in a post as “Happy birthday Dear!” It gives the opportunity to some identity thieves to collect key piece information so that they can bring in action a fake account in your name. Also this information sometimes discloses the password patterns of some of your accounts. Try to share your birthday only with them whom you believe.

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