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11 Best Websites to Improve Writing Skills in English

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With people being stuck inside their homes, for a good reason btw, this might be the perfect time to brush up some of their skills. There are a lot of brands that are offering courses, free and paid, for professionals all over the globe.

Though you might feel like not indulging yourself in a course at the moment, you can still work on a skill that will help you to portray your thoughts efficiently. We are talking about ‘Writing’ here. And with more businesses stepping into the digital marketing field, the content requirement is going to be always there.

Mastering your content can help you stand out from the herd. And you will need a good set of tools to help you achieve just that. In this article, we have researched some of the best free tools available out there, so you can sharpen your writing skills while we survive this pandemic together.


Draft allows you to get proper feedback from other writers on the platform on your written copies. You can find all the previous work you have done without extensive searching. It offers a distraction-free text editor, so you can write clear and concise copies. With the new Hemingway mode, it stops writers from editing their own stuff until they finish, which should help you find areas where you need to work better.


Airtstory is a free writing tool that also allows you to import notes from a platform like Evernote and add images from Instagram. You can research topics and outline the important portions.

750 Words

This is a great tool for people who like to write more on a daily basis. It helps you build a habit of writing at least 650 words regularly. You can also access charts and graphs that offer clear insights on your writing patterns over time.


A list of writing tools would be incomplete without the world-famous Grammarly tool. This tool offers you to improve grammar, spelling, and writing style. You can also upgrade to a premium version to get extra features like a plagiarism checker and guide to write genre-specific content.


If you regularly find yourself writing lengthy sentences, Hemingway is the right tool for you. It helps improve your writing by highlighting complex and lengthy sentences. You can also use the word count feature available inside the tool and find your readability score which should help you write clear and bold content.

Language Tool

One of the best proofreading tools available out there. The language tool allows you to proofread content in different languages by detecting errors in your content. The tool is free but you can upgrade to the premium version to get some extra addons.

Resume Writers

Great tool if you are looking for a tool that can help you improve your resume to grab that next exciting job you’ve been eyeing on.


Have you ever found a copy of your content that you never remember sharing with a website? And wondering if any other piece of your work is copied elsewhere? Introducing Copysentry, a tool that allows you to check for websites that copied your content. The tool is free but you can also upgrade to the premium version that will automatically check the internet for your plagiarized content.


Want to write some content but constantly find yourself getting stuck in social platforms? Try Rescuetime, a tool that helps you find how much time you have been spending on different websites and applications which should help you find areas where you can cut some time and focus on writing.


Coach.Me offers you a platform to see work from other creative writing online and develop your writing with their help.

Ginger Grammar Check

Help you identify the structure of your sentences and fix the mistake that you might have done in the content.

Extra Tools

Though some of these aren’t your regular website but more of a tool for better writing, they are still worth mentioning for improving your writing.

Microsoft Word

One of the best tools for writers since the dawn of online writing. Microsoft word offers a lot of features such as premade formats that you can use to create a specific type of document. with autocorrect and other features, this is a classic tool for improving your writing skills.

Google Docs

Google docs is a product of Google’s very own alternative to Microsoft office. It lets you create documents, access files from your work, and has the ability to compare previous iterations as well. And its free, all you need is a Google account to access the files.

We hope these tools will help you improve your writing skills a lot, let us know if you have any suggestions as well.

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