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12 Useful tips to increase your Brand Awareness

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Amidst these many numbers of products present in the market, there is always an uncertainty in the buying decision of the consumers on what to buy and what not to. The consumer only buys something when they have trust and know about the product completely. That’s why brand awareness plays a crucial role when customers are making their buying decisions.

Brand Awareness helps consumers reach their purchase decisions faster. In simple words, we can say as the extent to which people recognize or recall your brand is called Brand Awareness. The consumer’s ability to recognize or recall a brand is central to purchasing decision making. In order to have some recognition towards their brand, the marketer must make a great effort to showcase all the features of their brand. Brand awareness is often termed as the key indicator of a brand’s competitive market performance. Strong brand awareness can be predicted for a brand success that leads to high sales and high market share.

You can read more about different methods of how to measure brand awareness and why is it important.

12 tips on how to increase brand awareness

#1 Active Advertisements

The most effective and best way to let know the people about your product is by advertising. Digital marketing or traditional marketing both are helpful. The digital marketing involves the social media advertisements and the traditional marketing means the advertisements on TV’s, newspapers, boarding, etc.

The more concentration must be taken here, by thinking creatively. Make creative short videos. Make your brands more popular by involving famous people from many fields. Due to their fan following, your products will gain more popularity. It is one of the most hit and oldest strategies of marketing.

#2 Use Social Media Advertising

Aren’t everyone spending most of their time on social media these days? Utilise the opportunity. Add visual infographics to make some beautiful videos and images to all the social media platforms like Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. Use paid social ads to reach your targeted audience and improve your brand awareness.

#3 Blogs and Websites

The blogging and website platforms also have its role in brand awareness. It provides a platform where you can include all the features, latest news, of your brand, your company ’s achievements. These platforms also serve as a bridge of connectivity to engage with your customers or the audience personally. Ask for their reviews and suggestions. Answer to their questions and clarify any misconceptions towards your products.

#4 Landing pages

Landing pages are the website pages that target the lead points of that particular company that tries to capture the vision of the audiences. In this landing pages, provide a link for getting the visitors email addresses. By that email addresses, you can send your further promotional information which is a little investment and low effort to promote your brand awareness.

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#5 Logos and slogans

To make your brand more recognition, your brand must have a logo. So whenever someone sees your logo, immediately they can recall the brand of it. The logos are to be designed that are easy to understand and unfolds your brand history. The slogans also matter a lot. The slogans make your brand look more captivating and shows your motto behind it.

#6 Samples & Free stuff

The other useful tip is giving few examples and free thing to show the quality of your product. If they like them, they will give them a try. Distribute a smaller version of your product that leads to improving your brand awareness and increases your sales along with your customers’ lists. Who wouldn’t love gifts and pieces of stuff?

#7 Social media contests

Conducting the social media contests is also a popular strategy of today. Many brands are following this tip in real time. Put on some conditions like buying their product and answer the question given on the product. There are many other kinds of stuff to do in these contests. Ask them to share these many times to claim the rewards and more. Give the gifts to the winners and add that particular photos to your social accounts that build up trust in other people and will actively participate in other contests you conduct in future.

#8 Attractive Offers

The most intelligent way of getting people attention is obviously would be putting some attractive offers, discounts. Buy one get one offers, limited time offers are one among them. It is one of the ways of marketing strategy that would never fail. This particular offer time would be an excellent opportunity for your brand awareness. There would be everywhere talking about your deals and offers, and there you go BRAND AWARENESS.

#9 Partnerships with other brands

Alliances and collaborating with other brands that are famous are an advanced marketing strategy. It can make the customers of one brand try the other brand. This particular cross-marketing skill will help you in brand awareness.

#11 Use Remarketing Techniques

Once a customer visits your website make sure he/she sees brand everywhere, it creates the impression that you’re ‘bigger’ than you are. you can show specific ads based on audience behavior. This creates a much more personalized message, making your brand more memorable.

#12 Use Influencer Marketing

Find a popular social media influencer in your niche and work with the influencer to increase brand awareness. As you continue to grow your own audience, consider sponsoring or partnering with established industry influencers so their audiences can discover your brand.


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