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5 AI Powered Photo Editing Tools for Marketers

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Photo editing is a must-have skill if you are a marketer, as you need it to publish creatives for your articles, ads and social media posts. But not everyone has Photoshop skills to edit images on a professional level. That is why we have come up with 5 AI-powered photo editing applications that will help you edit images and pictures even if you don’t know a single thing about editing.


When finding images for your projects, it is common to find low resolutions and small size images. ImgLarger is an AI-powered image enlarger that can help you increase the size of your images while keeping the quality intact.

Similarly, it can also improve any images that look blurry with a feature known as image sharpener. This is a web app, so you do not need to install any application on your computer. Although as with any other free product on the internet, there are limitations to ImgLarger as well. 

You can only upload image files up to 5 MB; anything with a larger size than that won’t process. The time it will take to process the image will depend on the size, i.e., the bigger the image, the longer it takes to process. If you want to remove blurry effects from your image, the tool offers other features as well, like ImgSharpener and Image Enhancer for color and quality correction.


Have you ever had to deal with images where most of the objects or people are in focus, except one? If so, Remini is the app you need. Its AI-powered features can help images with blurs and focus problems. Once you upload the image, it will start processing, and within a few moments, you’ll get the unblurred image copy.

You also get the option to check the changes by comparing the original and edited version. If there are any scratches on the image, Remini can help you get rid of that as well. But it comes with a price; as of now, you can only edit ten free images on the app and then pay around $5 per month if you want to increase the unlimited image editing option. And it is only available on mobile platforms, such as IOS and Android.

Hotpot AI Tools

Need some colored images for your projects, but only have old, black and white ones at your disposal? Hotpot AI tools is a web application that you can use to edit and add colors to images and even restore quality if it has some scratches.

Hotpot has multiple features such as Ai picture restorer, AI background removed, and AI colorized; each one offers its own functionality. When enhancing the colors of a black and white image, it also keeps them balanced, instead of just adding some random color.

Profile Pic Maker

Need to create multiple accounts on social media and other websites for your brand? Use AI-powered tools from Profile Pic Maker that will help you build custom profile images using any base photo. Profile Pic Maker is a web application and does not need special installation requirements.

Just upload your photo, and the online tool will remove the background, giving various options to add to your photo. You can zoom in or out, rotate the image, remove background and so on. There are pre-made templates that can be used with different color combinations for giving an extra touch to each profile pictures.

Tokking Heads

If you are tired from using the regular editors and are looking for some out of the box features, try Tokking Heads. You can turn ordinary images into singing animations using this AI-powered photo editing tool. Either choose the image from the options already present in the tool or upload an image of your own. Then you have to select a video to add the animation.

Either choose from the options within the app or upload your own by turning on the option “use your own video”. You also get the option to select voice and text in the same field. Once done, just hit ‘generate taking head’ and wait for it to process the file. The app is available on web and IOS, but you only get a watermarked animated file. If you need to remove these watermarks, you can go for the paid version as well.

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