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5 Best Display Retargeting Networks Based Tools

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Although the virtual platform offers umpteen opportunities for raising revenues and gaining unsurpassed popularity, there are quite a few aspects of consideration in this context. Launching your dream venture on the web is not an easy affair. And creating a distinguished niche for it happens to be even tougher. Perhaps, it is here that potential online businesses must have a retargeting strategy in place. And the most effective display targeting tools will prove to be the perfect aid while putting these strategies into practice.

The statistical overview

A lowdown on the statistical figures will help you understand the situation in a better way. The average conversion rate for websites happens to be around 2%. Quite inevitably, that is a clear indication of the fact that almost 98% of your site visitors are not making any purchases during their first visits to your website.

And this is where retargeting proves to be the most effective strategy for redirecting potential consumers back to your business site, thus boosting response by a whopping 400%.

Retargeting: understanding the importance and functioning

As one of the highly effective forms of online marketing, retargeting aims at attracting potential visitors back to your site. While visiting your website for the first time, visitors might have left clues about their interest areas, or might have clearly indicated them. The concept of retargeting targets these interest areas and makes an effort to win back those visitors.

Why do you need retargeting?

Retargeting differs from display advertisements and also proves to be more effective than them. So, what is it that makes retargeting one of the most revered options in the digital marketing arena? Take a look at the following points:

The process of retargeting involves the use of unmistakable cookie-based technology, thus keeping track of your target audience across the globe.
By dropping anonymous browser cookie by inconspicuous JavaScript codes, retargeting ensures that each of your visitors get ‘cookied’ while visiting your websites.
While breezing through sites existing in the same display networks that your advertisements are running on, the ‘cookied’ visitors will get to see your ads.
Knowing the display retargeting tools

With such benefits, retargeting happens to be one of the most effective digital marketing strategies. Especially, with the discovery and availability of numerous display retargeting network-based tools, passionate online entrepreneurs have enough reasons to smile.

#1 Rocketfuel

One of the most crucial names in this list of display targeting tools is Rocketfuel. The tool boasts of an internet-reach rating of almost 99%, which makes it an unprecedented ruler of the retargeting arena. While working with this tool, marketers will get diverse ad targeting types capable of catering to 700 advertisers.

#2 ReTargeter 

By amalgamating the splendid benefits of retargeting, dynamic retargeting and search retargeting, ReTargeter happens to be an amazing display targeting tool. The platform offers complete flexibility for amateur marketers and also features an efficient retargeting team for added support.

By accepting diverse ad formats including display, mobile, dynamic, social and Rich Media, it is truly a great product of the display targeting networks.

#3 AdRoll

With an integrated list of CRM solutions, ad exchanges as well as site retargeting capabilities, AdRoll fulfills the retargeting demands of almost 6,000 advertisers!

#4 Chango

Tracking and assessing customer search behavior or trends happens to be quite effective while planning for retargeting strategies. By a keeping a check on the search patterns of potential website visitors, Chango makes sure they return to you.

#5 AdWords

With its extensive global network, Google offers some of the best solutions in the digital world. The latest kid on the block is Google AdWords having an internet-reach rating of 80%. The prime focus of Google AdWords is on Geo, Demographic and Contextual ad targeting varieties.

These amazing tools based on display targeting networks inevitably ensure the best for your dream venture.

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