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5 Things You Need To Do in 2022 If You Are A Social Media Manager

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2019 has been a roller-coaster when it comes to social media, from President Donald Trump using Twitter to convey his ideas to the public to Miller Lite’s “unfollow” campaign to depict perception of politics. With the new year, there are strategies that every social media manager need to be doing if you want to stay ahead. Let’s have a look at these themes:

#1 Privacy

This is one of those things that are never going away, in fact, this year it will come back stronger with a bang. You must have seen all the social media’s tightening their grip around privacy for their consumers on their individual platforms, like Instagram. They have been busy making changes to the likes feature, which would allow them to hide like count on their platform. Other than that, TikTok has already killed the follower count. All these steps only lead to one thing, engaging the audience with quality content on your social media.

#2 Focus On Child Safety

Keeping the children safe has to be the first priority, since, no matter where they are, most of their time is spent on the internet, browsing apps, social media platform, games etc. Of course, YouTube recently made some changes regarding this on their platform but as more Millenials move into parenthood, the topic of child safety on their platform is going to be there. Youtube is one of the platforms where kids spend most of their time.

#3 Targeting & Regulation

Even now a lot of marketers continue to make mistakes in targeting. About 30% of the times, social media platforms are able to pinpoint what consumers like to purchase. However, with intense levels of regulation, like 2020 US elections, fake news on social media and targeting bias might bring targeting and regulation into the same area, which marketers can use for their benefits. A lot of platforms now show micro demographics, that has made marketers ignore the offline market. In order to be successful in 2020, brands need to look beyond shifting targeting parameters and consider social media a part of a much bigger market and consider the new regulation as a benefit, not limitations.

#4 Brand Experience

Now managers need to recognize the importance of integrated channels, keeping the main focus on customer experience on the social platform. The focus needs to be on brands interacting and indulging with consumers in a meaningful way rather than just leaving comments. In the coming time, we’ll start to see big brands target consumer experience a lot more than how it used to be and how they can extend their success in the offline market as well.

#5 Nano influencers

Nano Influencers started blowing up in  2019, but expect this to blow up a lot in 2020. A recent study showed that more than 20% of the people on the internet bought products based on the influencers they follow. It was bound to happen and for good reason. As new markets emerge or they get segmented, small influencers start filling those gaps. Though their audiences are very small, niche, but their following and engagement are pretty active, which is what makes the brands capture them pretty easily.

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