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6 Web-Traffic Secrets That Steers Millions Of Audience To The Popular Blogs

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Hey, listen. Want to know the web-traffic secrets to drive more audience to your blog? Are you eager to know more about it? Then stop aping the other websites. Too blunt. I know. But you all need to.

We all love to pry the other sites to find out what’s their web-traffic secrets that driving millions of visitors to the blogs, spotlighting them. Peeking at the other websites is not illicit but copying the same crap what the others publish is worse of the worst. Better follow the reverse-engineering method.

One thing is vivid that popularity never comes by fluke, its all by the smart and hard work that pushes you to fame. Similarly, to steer the audience at least a half million to your website need to prove beyond your capacity by thinking out of the bars.

The traffic to the blog sites comes with bloggers little secrets on how can capture an audience. Unfortunately, it is difficult to predict their ways because they never share their success secrets.

Surprisingly, we found a solution to all the confused beginners or seasonal bloggers on how to steer… in our little secret letter.


All novice bloggers.

Here is an ‘open-secret’ letter to you by some of the popular blogs who steered millions of audience to their websites.

Let’s scroll down to read and keep this secret between us (winks).

6 Web-Traffic Secrets That Steers Millions Of Audience To The Popular Blogs

1. Huffington Post

Started in 2005, not to make into the business but for namesake by Arianna Huffington. The blog is now one of the worlds reputed sites that quickly climbed the ranks with nearly 16.7 million audiences to the blog. Huffington Post did not grow its popularity as soon it launched. It tasted struggles and burnouts at the initial stages.

Huffington’s secret: Cater with a motive

Huffington Post initially started as the political news site, but now it caters all categories of news to the audience.

The reason behind pulling the audience towards their posts is because they publish with a motive. The blog posts even-handed stories to the people and opinions from both the sides of the aisle. The raw and tangible stories by them drive more traffic to the website.

Hacking Tip:

People always find it attractive when the blog speaks out of the crowd. Huffington’s did the same thing with their site by posting both the sides issues and opinion pieces. You as a website leader, it is important to be unbiased and authentic.

2. The Verge

Unveiled in 2011, The Verge is noted for being “Jack of all trades” which publishes and covers from entertainment to technology and product reviews. The monthly visitors to the website is nearly 11.6 million. They publish articles, news about social channels, and even podcasts.

The Verge secret: Promoting in Referral Websites

Theverge.com revealed that the blog’s significant traffic is gained from the websites of the major shoe and athletic companies like footlocker.com, nike.com, sneakernews.com, and more. The reason is simple since the site does the product reviews of the companies.

Hacking tip:

The verge did something cool beyond the organic search through affiliate websites. To boost blog SEO, it is essential to do some product reviews on the stuff like that.

3. Business Insider

Launched in 2009, Business Insider is one of the media, financial, and tech blogs in the world that generates more than 30 million monthly users.

The turning point of the website happened in 2011; Business Insider gave its audience a peek into their traffic and monetization strategy calling it as “Full Monty”. Unexceptional!

Insider’s secret: Posting the news first with the timeliness

Business Insider always posted secrets about traffic strategies. They used to create content fast and first to post the fresh content not broadcasted earlier.

Hacking tip:

Timeliness is essential to any blog. Do not run behind the last longing topics that were read by many. Try to be unique and best, no matter how little value the topic got. Always thrive on making it interesting with the trending topics.

4. Techcrunch

Founded in 2005, Techcrunch is one of the popular websites famous for technology news and analysis. The site claims to have nearly 2 million monthly active users. Techcrunch inspires the audience, especially geeks with startups, gadgets, and more.

Techcrunch secret: Understand what hungry geeks and money investors want

The website always energizes people with the latest gadgets, investors, startups, and much more. It is a go-to website that helps young geeks and money investors to know about them.

Hacking tip:

The world is juggling with digitization, gizmos, and online business. This is the trending biz that creating waves. If you want to start a blog, always understand the need of the customer or a visitor and try to come up with new technology news useful for the visitors of the website.

5. TMZ

Debuted in 2005 as a tabloid news website, TMZ or Thirty Mile Zone is nicknamed as the drama queen of Hollywood news and gossips. TMZ garnered over 13.8 million monthly visitors to the site.

TMZ secret: Tripsters or Expert-generated content

You might wonder what TMZ is doing with the marketing business. But if you solve the puzzle of their secret, it is very interesting. They hire a few field reporters to get the scoop from Hollywood. They do not work directly for the website they receive payment for the information they give to the site. Probably, this may be the web-traffic secrets to gain fame.

Hacking tip:

To gain attention to your website, it is evenly important to invite guest bloggers to post, conducting webinars, and more to generate exposure, traffic to your website blog.

6. Lifehacker

Hacked the world in 2005, Lifehacker is a weblog that deals more with the life hacks and software with the tips and tricks. Its anthem is “Do everything better”. It often helps its visitors with time and money saving tips and tricks. Lifehacker garners over 3.5 million active monthly users.

Lifehacker’s secret: Community-driven content

This is one of the best success secrets of the website. It not only gives you tips and tricks to lead a happier life. The site also lets its visitors contribute their blogs by creating their profiles and own sub-blog space in its platform.

They do not depend on the keywords to drive web traffic; rather, it asks users on what they want to hear from the website.

Hacking tip:

It is always advised to go with the audience generated content and ask them their opinion instead of depending on the keywords or SEO tools to generate traffic. Always communicating with the users helps you in better understanding of them by giving the best content.

It is better to ask questions, respond to comments and feedback, and lot more for better engagement of the site. Always getting solutions from the horse’s mouth is better.

Thank you for reading the web-traffic secrets letter.

I hope you found the secrets helpful.

Whizsky’s little secret

“You don’t have to be big. You have to be remarkable.” -Joe Pulizzi

Enjoy….but never….

People enjoy your blogs if you create some raw and unbiased real stories that entice them. Never write or create a blog for just namesake. Your audience can sense it at the start of the page, either you really felt while writing or did a monotonous job said to you.

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