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7 Prominent Figures And Their Methods- An Unanticipated Marketing Lessons To Grasp

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There are many ways to learn about anything from everything. You may not realize how much we can learn from the prominent figures who created history. Be it a philosopher, leader, or thinker their speeches and concepts, if understood, can be used as a motto in various categories.

Since we talk much about marketing, we can take their speeches and ideas as the root of our marketing lessons and how to implement them. Unexpectedly, bumped into some of the prominent figures methods on attracting people where we can take them as our influence on the marketing strategies.

From the great Cleopatra, Socrates to Oprah we marketers can instill the idea of reshaping the marketing ecosystem.

7 Prominent Figures And Their Methods- An Unanticipated Marketing Lessons To Grasp

1. Cleopatra- The Techniques in Marketing Lessons

Cleopatra is known for a strong and charismatic ruler who ruled ancient Egypt for probably three decades. She is a well-educated and clever woman who speaks six different languages. Cleopatra became subject of many works in Renaissance and Baroque Art.

During her reign as Queen, she established political alliances with Julius Caesar and Mark Antony- Roman military leaders to hold many regions over the decades.

You might be clueless about why her and rule. Let me picture it to you in a marketing method.

Cleopatra had a great knack for seeing the picture in a more significant way.

As per marketing lessons and as a marketer we need to comprehend how the day-to-day tasks, articles, social media posts, and so on serve as a purpose. A marketer these days forget to think why are they doing this and is it helpful. Better understand, and implementation of tactics will make you reign in the market industry.

2. Socrates- The Socratic Method in Marketing Lessons

World’s first greatest philosopher, Socrates is known for Socratic methods and concepts.

Most of the Socratic Methods used for asking questions and posing theories to probe and encourage the foundation of new ideas.

Socratic Method relates to the interactive aspect of marketing. How?

Invite your readers or team to participate in a vigorous debate. Ask them questions or involve them for ideas on specific issues to generate new ideas for your product marketing campaigns. It is also evenly essential to ask the feedback on the ideas.

Most importantly, don’t forget the method should be debating and questioning trends, traditions, and ideas at all times.

3. Aristotle- The Modes of Persuasion in Marketing Lessons

The Father of Western Philosophy and the well-known polymath, Aristotle is best for his idea of persuasion, also called as Rhetoric.

We are aware of Aristotle’s modes of persuasion.

  1. Ethos
  2. Pathos
  3. Logos

These three modes or concepts are the most valuable trove for writers, bloggers, and content marketers. Now let’s see how the modes can be implied to the marketing.

  • Ethos- The mode of ethics. This concept is impossible if you are not able to persuade people into your marketing products unless you are credible.
  • Pathos- Understanding human emotions. The audience gets connected to your product if a marketer can apply emotions to the content like for example anecdotes, stories, and something amusing.
  • Logos- Using logic in an attempt to persuade the audience. Use of supportive evidence and logical arguments can help persuade people to your product.

Following the three concepts cannot destroy your product in the market and becomes more potential.

4. Catherine the Great- The valorous Move in Marketing Lessons

One of the most inspired political leaders and Russia’s longest-ruling empress of the Eighteenth Century, Catherine the Great has played a crucial role in bettering the welfare of Russian slaves.

Catherine the Great once braved herself to get the vaccination treatments to now the united kingdom and Russia. During her time, smallpox was a terrifying problem; she heard of the inoculation treatments in England and risked her entire dynasty to get her and her son get the immunization.

She is an absolute example to the now modern marketers to take incredible courage to make your vision take wings.

Marketers must require abundant of original thinking and go beyond traditional ideas. Internet market is so inundated with the information that we are not able to cope up in finding the new ideas.

5. Abraham Lincoln- The perspective in Marketing

Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States of America, is vividly known for his fight against the abolishment of slavery. He is labeled as ‘ The Great Emancipator’ by his people. Apart from political and human rights achievements, Lincoln is known profoundly for his Oratory Skills.

Lincoln articulated most of the memorable lines in his political career. His words are used till today.

The famous articulation by him that is a direct relation to the market is:

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four hours sharpening the axe.”

If you understand it is a subtle rendering towards planning and preparation that can also be called a perspective of marketing.

Lincoln taught marketers to understand the more time to be spent on preparation and the less work to do in executing. It is not about the number of hours you work or the projects you launch; it’s all about the combined quality of hours and projects that are successful.

A marketer should focus on fewer but more impactful projects and campaigns to improve the brand’s result.

6. Martin Luther King Jr.- The Crafting of Message in Marketing

Martin Luther King Jr, a Baptist minister, and a social activist is one of the very few people in American history to celebrate.

If you observe Martin’s speech from a marketing point, there is so much to learn about.

“I Have a Dream” Martin’s famous speech is never old and used till today.

How King’s message is related to marketing campaigns?

As a marketer, we should firmly believe in our brand message especially for people to buy it. Crafting a powerful, and careful message of your brand can make your brand message go famous and viral spreading on the Internet like a wildfire.

It is not about how long do you promote your message; it’s about the content aptness and impact on people like the 17-minutes “I Have a Dream..” speech that changed the phase of history forever.

7. Oprah Winfrey- The Legitimate Transparency in Marketing

Dubbed as the “Queen of All Media”, Oprah Winfrey is an inspiration to the world for being honest throughout her career and building a rapport with her fans.

She was true to herself and her audience and made her fans held strong on being honest as it was and always a number one priority.

Do honesty and transparency works? Absolute yes. It got the power indeed.

The advantage of this in marketing helps to build trust with your customers. Make your customers believe that your product is genuine, human, and transparent.

The present-day social media strategy is highly dependent on authenticity and transparency which a marketer cannot ignore.

The seven prominent figures and their speeches are utterly unexpected and remarkable marketing lessons from the history makers where every marketer should inculcate and better heed it.

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