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7 Ways A Marketer Can Benefit From Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads
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It’s really difficult for a marketer to keep track of every small change social media platforms makes. But these small changes sometimes make or break a deal. It’s better to know about them in time and take the benefit. The same goes for Facebook ads. There are heaps of feature that are lesser-known but can benefit you more than you have imagined.

Take A Look At These Features:

#1 Ad Scheduling

One way to reduce the budget of a campaign is by running them only at scheduled times. But this can only be done if you choose the campaign budget as a lifetime budget. Once you have chosen Lifetime budget, you’ll be able to select the option to run the ads at scheduled time only instead of run ads all the times.

You can set the remaining options within ad scheduling by going into each ad set. There will be options like running the ads only based on viewer’s time zone or use the timezone of your system. Once chosen your ad will run only during the setup you have chosen.

#2 Campaign Budget Optimization

In 2017, Facebook introduced a feature, using which you’d be able to balance out your budget as per your requirements. Assume you have more than one ad sets and you want facebook to automatically distribute the budget through all of them. Just set the central campaign budget and facebook will automatically distribute your total budget into all the ad sets. You can set this central budget while you are creating a new ad set.

#3 Location Targeting

With location targeting, you can minimize or maximize the reach of an ad set that you created based on the location of your audience. There are 4 different options available while choosing this location-based targetting:

  • Everyone in this Location
  • People who Live in this Location
  • People Recently in This Location
  • People Recently Traveling in This Location

Everyone in This Location

This will include all the people who were inside the mentioned location.

People who Live in This Location

This option is there so you can target the people who have set their locations as home in the same area you are targeting.

People Recently in this Location

This option target the people who recently were in the location you are targeting.

People Recently Traveling in This Location

Will target the people who mentioned in their facebook that they are in this location but live outside. 

#4 Connections

This feature is to target the people who have interacted with your page or the people who are friends of your connections who have interacted with your page.

You can also target the people who are users of your app and have connected facebook with your app. Friends of the people who use your app will also be targeted if they have connected your app with their facebook.

#5 Frequency Cap

If you want to limit your reach of the ad then this option can be used. This helps in limiting brand awareness campaigns. If you click on the budget section of an individual ad set you’ll find this option. You can limit the impressions based on the number of days, for example, you can set it to 1 impression every 7 days. You can also set how you’ll be charged, it can be impressions or clicks.

You have to first turn on the feature to see frequency on your ads by going into your account settings and add frequency. Keep in mind these options are estimated, so you’ll know an overview of the number of times your ads are appearing.

#6 Publisher Lists

Facebook introduced a feature that allowed people to market their ads on partnered networks, videos, streams and banners. It is recommended by Facebook to check this list every 30 days.

Now you’ll be able to add some links where you don’t want your ads to appear. Once you have found the once you don’t like, you can add these links into your block lists. You’ll find these lists in Band Safety option.

#7 Automated Rules

You can set up automated rules to run or pause your campaigns. This can be done by going into Advertise then Automated Response. Once on the page you can set rules for each ad that is running or is paused. The options will ask you to choose the ad set you want the rules to apply then you can choose action to turn the ad on or off, Adjust the budget of the app or adjust it manually. There are some additional rules available in this feature that’ll give you access to more automated rules like frequency, notifications, cost and much more.


Facebook has a tendency to change or add new features in Facebook Ads, so it’s essential to go through them once in a while. You might not know what you’ll find and how it might benefit you a lot.

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