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9 Things A Digital Marketer Should Stop Doing On Social Media Platform

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World orbits around the technology and its inventions, and it is inevitable. We hinge on the digital sphere for myriad reasons. Imagine what happens if the planet suffers technology and power blackout like the closing scene in the sci-fi thriller, Transcendence. Worst, right. Digitization is wooed greatly by a tiny tot to the 80-year-old.

Digital Marketing is an obvious source of the business in the digital era. From local to small and large firms, each one depends on this space. Slowly came the evolution of social media platforms that ruled the digital world. The scenario turned into where without social media digital marketing cannot survive for a second just like how we cannot live without air and water.

Social media is a need for all of us. I cannot sustain even for a minute without checking my social media platforms. They are the best gossipers who give updates from around the corner before the world knows it.

Social media platforms play a crucial role in the Digital Market Industry. Either you want to boost your product or publicize it, the best way to race in the market is with the help of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other major platforms.

But don’t you think overemphasizing about the same product repeatedly in all the platforms annoy the viewers; still, we make the same mistake. You might think I am insane. But no, I make sense in saying this.

Social media platforms, if used responsibly and reasonably can see miracles and success in their business. To make your followers get interested and spread the good stuff about the product or brand try to replace the bad practices with excellent and sensible methods.

Do you want to know how?!

Read my virtual paper which is detailed yet straightforward “stop doing and start following” 9 things on the social media platform.

Let’s check the 9 provoking facts a digital marketer should follow.

1. Leaping on every bandwagon aimlessly

Most of us want to follow the trend that goes viral. We even not think for a minute on why it is happening and what it is. Aimlessly we follow what’s trending at the moment without a thought.

Stop doing it!

The reason is when you(marketer) without a thought jumping on the bandwagon might affect your market because of irrelevant publishing of your product by imposing the trend on it.

Start following.

Before following the trend and hitting the post in the social media platforms, think before you do it. Ask yourself whether it is relevant to your product and how many people might follow your update. Better to ask your team before supporting it.

2. Using of excessive hashtags

Twitter and Instagram are famous for hashtags(#). From a common man to large firms everyone are fond of using hashtags to their posts. It is good to use them to elevate your company. Minimum use of hashtags can go well with the product.

Stop doing it!

Do not overdo the hashtags by making viewers or followers not interested in looking at the post. The post that you upload seems kinda spammy instead making it go places.

Star following.

Use minimal yet powerful hashtags to gain large source to your product. Go with, maybe two or four.

3. Posting the same messages in all the platforms

9 out of 10 follow the pattern of posting the same messages in all the social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and more to boost the brand.

Stop doing it!

Audience love to see the variations and creativeness when it comes to digital space and its market. If you copy + paste the messages, it gives the audience a feeling that the company is too lazy to show the innovative side.

Start following.

Use and try different enticing messages in the platforms to crowd your brand pages strategically.

4. Giving too much material about your brand

Many of the marketers follow the oversharing in social media to make a mark in the space. Is it relevant to exaggerate about the product too much? No.

Stop doing it!

Sharing the facts and details of your brand is good, but the unnecessary spread of the product can damage the name of the brand.

Start following.

Try to entice people by sharing a little with interesting pieces about your brand. This for sure helps in rising curiosity in people to check your social media uploads.

5. Ditching your viewers

Digital marketers run behind promoting the brand. You post or share about your product, followers respond, and again you share something they continue to return.

Stop doing it!

The response should not be a one-way conversation or just the regular comments by followers.

Start following.

When you think of posting your brand plan how the conversation time with your audience, or instead, the better way is to give a poll and let the viewers talk about it. The best example is a Twitter poll that never gets old and still in a fashion.

6. Maintaining a private account

Still, it is too regular to see some brands or market try to hide their accounts and limit to only a few users. Why?! When you have something brag about it so that people know about your product conception.

Stop doing it!

Social media is an open book. It is to show the innovative side of the market. If you set your social platforms to account private, you going to lose a significant part of the crowd with less income flow.

Start following.

Register. Buy. Spread… in all your social accounts. Give your brand a fresh face.

7. Scratching the Negative comments

Every company scrapes the negative comments. It is usual to see developing companies removing negative comments or reviews and big brands not bothering about the negative comments.

Stop doing it!

Stop removing all the negative comments or reviews and keeping just the good ones.

Start following.

Read negative comments and try to overcome the mistake what you do while posting about your brand in social platforms because they are the source that kicks your business to enhance and prosper.

8. Buying followers or likes

Now comes the actual scenario. This is the funniest thing I hear all the time. How well is buying followers and likes to show off the brand in the social platforms?

Stop doing it!

Stop buying followers or likes to boost your brand and platform. The buying saga will not last forever. It is awkward to see thousands of followers to your page with fewer likes to it.

Start following.

The same old cliche- slow and steady wins the race. Hold your patience and come up with the enticing stuff to gain the traffic. Grow your page with followers rigorously.

9. Do the talking instead clustering social platforms with posts

The clear Err. Most of the digital marketers do posting, posting and posting and again. Where is the liveliness in your brand?!

Stop doing it!

Focusing only on posting rather than having conversations will lose your followers or viewers numbers.

Start following.

A little conversation really helps you and your viewers by promoting your business. Having a virtual conversation helps to grow your brand and business.

Well, this are the 9 things I hate about the inappropriate use of social media platforms. I hope this information on what to and what not to gives you a crystal idea to start it from scratch.

What’s your opinion on this! Let me know by commenting about it.

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