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9 Time-Saving Apps From IFTTT For A Busy Content Professional

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Internet marketing is on par with technology. We can see the unpredictable change in the trend of internet usage and raging digital market. Content is the staple source for any web marketing. You can make your market more promising with your content weaved with finesse.

Today, my article speaks about a particular website for a busy content professional who is clutched with clients and looking to give the best content and increase their content marketing. IFTTT is the website perfect for all the busy content marketers or professionals to save time and money.

What is IFTTT?

IFTTT is the acronym for “If This Then That”. It is a free web-based service that runs on iOS and Android that brings all applications like Gmail, Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, Dropbox and other tech platforms and triggers each application using “applets”.

IFTTT is considered as the best automation that allows content professionals to save time on regular tasks and focus on more priorities.

How apps work?

After you visit ifttt.com, to search for a particular applet all you need is its ID. A user can append the ID to the IFTTT applets URL.

For example, if the applet ID what you created is #37185p, this allows you to share Instagram photos on Facebook. After you find the app, you need to click “turn on” so that you get reminded whenever you are tagged or shared a picture.

Here are 9 jotted list of time-saving apps for a content professional to save time, money, and energy.

1. Applet ID: DHFQvPEj- Shares newsletter stats

Sharing around newsletter stats is a tried-and-tested method of forging closer relationships with your team. You can use MailChimp or other business emails for email marketing, and then the applet will automatically trigger by sharing performance reports with your team through Google Drive or email.

2. Applet ID: 34413p- Sync Buffer with Google Calendar

A buffer is a social media management tool that allows you to plan content and measure analytics. It lets you set regular time intervals for sharing the new posts or shared posts. It makes your work easier if you let the applet sync Buffer with the Google Calendar.

3. Applet ID: 337273p- Add a note tool to a Trello board

Evernote is one of the best note-taking tools so far. The tool allows you to create different types of notes like audio notes, webcam notes, and web clippings. With the help of this applet ID, your Evernote notes will be automatically translated onto Trello cards.

4. Applet ID: 299812p- Add new Trello cards to Google Calendar

Trello allows you to log tasks onto ‘cards’ and set due dates, allocate team members, and even organize them into lists. The applet helps Trello cards are added to the Google Calendar where you can keep track of activities you need to work on.

5. Applet ID #10336p- Can share new WordPress posts on Facebook

The best way to gain traffic to your content is posting them on social media. WordPress is the clever way of using for any content blog. Use the applet to automatically connect and share across Facebook.

6. Applet ID: 260194p- Gets notified when someone mentions you

Reddit sort of Q and A website presents an opportunity door to connect with the crowd. With the help of this applet you can get notified whenever someone mentions you or your brand. This gives you prospective clients and can provide information about your brand when someone asks about it.

7. Applet ID: 307409p- Can stream Instagram photos by syncing on Buffer

To share your Instagram photos on Facebook, you can use this applet to append them to your Buffer queue. This gives you more exposure to your brand by promoting Instagram photos.

8. Applet ID: 37185p- Share Instagram photos on Facebook

To support your brand, Instagram is the one-stop platform without any hesitation. To grow the number of followers or viewers sync the Instagram photos to Facebook with the help of this applet where you can specify a hashtag that must be added to the photos if necessary.

9. You can customize your applets

You can also create your personalized applets for your company by merely tapping on My Applets and the New Applet.

The website offers you endless ways virtually and more integrations to use applets for content marketing.

Hope, the piece of the article gives you a fresh start in developing your content market. Break a leg!

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