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A complete guide to Guest Posting, its importance and how to approach

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Blogs are similar to websites where people express their own thoughts and ideas by writing articles or blog post on the different topics. We can also say that blog is a type of digital diary where we write daily. There are many famous blogs like TechCrunch, Mashable, Gizmodo, Engadget, Gawker, Boing Boing, Smashing Magazine, Perez Hilton and many more that are earning in millions. It’s all because of their hard work and pure dedication towards their profession. There are many platforms where you can build your own blog such as WordPress, Blogger, Wix, Tumblr and others. Today we gonna discuss a complete guide to Guest Blogging.



Guest blogging is the method by which you can do blogging on the platforms of others. If you are passionate about writing articles or content on the different topics like Inspirational Stories and Articles about Automobiles, Gadgets, News, Promotional Content, Startups, Business, Nation Stories and many more then you can write articles on different websites or blogs by becoming a guest blogger. You can write a guest post and for that, you will be paid according to the articles you do per day. There are many top websites that accept guest posts such as ShoutMeLoud, Content Marketing Institute, HubSpot, Outbrain, Copyblogger, Smashing Magaine, Inc42, YourStory, Daily Blog Tips, InBound, Kissmetrics, The Huffington Post and HellBound Bloggers.

The goals which should be accomplished by a guest blogger:

  • Present your blog with a new audience.
  • It is must to establish a good relationship with different bloggers that are working in the same field.
  • If want to make your guest blog popular then add backlinks to your site.
  • It is important to build your own brand or company brand.
  • No to anchor text.
  • Always build referral traffic.
  • If you want to grow the audience always makes a list of emails of your subscribers.
  • You can use some tools for tracking the visibility of your brand like Google Alerts and Mention.
  • We can also track the advertisement performance by which you are getting influencers on your website.

How to find opportunities for guest posting

Before doing guest blogging it is important to find the different platforms on which you will write your blog posts. Before finding the platforms, we should focus on some important point before choosing any platform for our guest blog.

  • Always find that site that produce contents related to your industry so that you can easily write articles or guest blogs.
  • It is important to choose a platform which is very famous in the market and by this your content will be seen by many users.
  • If your audience is not interested in your content so always look for the audience which likes content of your industry.
  • In every blog it is must to have a big number of users or readers so make sure that the site shares their blog posts on the social media platforms for the better engagements.
  • If you are writing for couple of years and your blog owner is not active on his site then your content will never ever gets the user’s engagement so it is must that your is active on blog as well as on social media also.

If you want to find about the best platforms for guest blog then the best platform where we can search about this is Google search engine. Let’s list out some keywords by which we can find those websites or blogs that offers guest post facility.

  • Keywords used from your industry + “guest article”
  • Keywords used from your industry+ ”write for us”
  • Keywords used from your industry+ ”guest post”
  • Keywords used from your industry+ ”guest post by”
  • Keywords used from your industry+ ”guest post guidelines”
  • Keywords used from your industry+ ”become a contributor”
  • Keywords used from your industry+ ”accepting guest posts”

How to build connections with website Owner

There are so many websites or blogs that only hire those individuals which are in their contacts like friends, family, neighbor or any kind of close relations. They don’t hire strangers due to privacy and security issues. This is the reason why many bloggers can’t able to get the confirmation from the website for the guest blogs. So you need to form a connection with the site owner to write the guest post on their websites. There are so many owners who don’t like the poor quality content and irrelevant pitches so they use to hire people they already know. So first you have to build the trust and for that you can follow their social media accounts like Twitter, and after following them you can share their contents with different users. Before applying for the guest post first go through the content of the website for some weeks or months so that you can easily understand that what type of article people like to read. If you want to connect with site owner then you can follow them on social media and can share their post by tagging them. You can also comment on their blogs or articles and can sign up to their weekly or daily newsletters, and can respond them to their newsletters. By this a strong relationship will be built between you and the site owner.

Always write great content

  • Find a stellar topic that will create a buzz among users.
  • It is important to provide additional information regarding the topic.
  • You can use the Buzzsumo tool for finding the popular content on the site you are planning to write. You only need to open the tool and enter the URL of the site and after entering click on the search then the most shared content will be displayed.
  • Always create a great content by using some action words and use an impressive headline.
  • Research for the famous keywords and phrases that can be used in the content to grow the traffic and it will also help to you to increase the website’s ranking with your content.
  • Always add internal and external links in the guest post.
  • Suggest different images to the site’s owner because adding an image in the content will help to get more influencers to your site and your post.
  • Always use the single link which can take the user back to the homepage and if you have written some article then always use links for some important word or phrase because if your site contains the full article about that one word or phrase then you can add link in between the article.
  • Always link your content with your website as well as with the social media accounts so that you will get more traffic to your website.
How To Get 100 Followers a Day on Instagram?
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