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Abchlor Investments relaunches web portal, InvestOnline.in to provide secure, fast and dynamic gateway to eMutual funds

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India’s leading financial online portal ‘InvestOnline’ revamps its web portal to provide customers a fast yet secure process for mutual funds investments. The portal is owned, governed and managed by Abchlor Investment Advisors Pvt Ltd. 

Abhinav Angirish, Founder, InvestOnline said, “Being a company that has radically changed and evolved, we redefine the concept of Mutual Fund (MF) investments in India by providing the investors a gateway to eMutual funds. Today, mutual funds are gaining importance among investors due to its lucrative returns, professional management at low costs and diversification”. The new portal acts as an information source for stock prices, ForEx prices, transacting in mutual funds online, mutual funds related news, mutual fund investment besides many other financial services.

When it comes to investing in MF, one needs to make smart, right and wise decisions to grow their wealth. “InvestOnline makes the creation of portfolio easy for investors with Do-It-Yourself (DIY) feature. Through DIY, investors can opt for the intelligent, simplified, rapid and costless way of creating their portfolio and can read the investment overview to keep them updated” added Angirish. 

He further added, “The account opening process is really simple on www.InvestOnline.in.Our very easy PAN based registration process ensures that you need to enter only your PAN No. for registration on our portal and we ensure that the account opening process is simpler, smoother and faster for our customers. Besides, for KYC process, the documents are picked up from the investor’s address at his/her specified time at No Cost”. 

InvestOnline also added a convenient feature ‘Single Login for Group/Family’ particularly useful for families which consolidate all family member investments at one online location. With one common login ID and password, any family member can log in to a family online account. The feature of ‘One family -One login’ eliminates the need to remember numerous passwords and login IDs. 

InvestOnline is linked with more than 70 leading banks for all kind of e-transactions. Customers have a choice to select one or multiple banks for secure net banking transactions with an online mutual fund investment account. 

The web portal also added easy-to-use Financial Calculators to solve some common financial problems. The online calculators instantly compute the wealth-generating ability of a one-time fixed amount or an amount invested every month over a desired period of time. Now, customers can calculate the interest being charged on a loan and the returns their investments will earn on a compounded returns basis. InvestOnline (www.InvestOnline.in.) is mobile-friendly too with applications for customers to stay on top of markets and mutual funds and even transact seamlessly. 

What’s more, InvestOnline provides a single platform to access different Mutual Fund schemes and categories across various fund houses. “Seeking out innovative ways to improve our servicing model and meet the clients’ ever-changing needs is our priority. We are dedicated to deliver a premier mutual funds transacting experience to our clients and we do that by combining the high-technology with high-touch”, Angirish added.


About InvestOnline.In

InvestOnline is one of the leading mutual fund investment platforms in India. Owned, governed and managed by Abchlor Investment Advisors Pvt Ltd., InvestOnline is established with an aim to help investors to create clear and appropriate investment solutions as per their financial goals and risk appetite.

Our mission is to make the investment process fun, interesting, simple and accessible to all. Our vision is to provide innovative and customer-centric investment services that can help people grow their wealth. 

Our commitment lies in providing our customers with sound and honest advice that will help them achieve their financial goals. We help our clients align their wealth with their goals so their financial growth will rightfully endure their generations as well as transitions if any.

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Last Updated on March 6, 2019 by Vishal Ravish