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American Tourister Can be Your Ice-breaker Anywhere in the World, Says New Campaign

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In the past, the pursuit of happiness revolved around growing up, getting a job, and ultimately buying a home. However, the millennials have turned this equation on its head/other way around. For today’s generation, happiness doesn’t center around the acquisition of possessions and material wealth. Instead, the key to living a meaningful life is creating, sharing, and capturing moments that have been earned through experiences. 

American Tourister believes that the memories you make and the friends you meet while on the road are worth their weight in gold. This sentiment has been captured in their latest campaign for a new range of luggage bags, #YourAccessToTheWorld. Spearheaded by global sports icon and cricketing superstar Virat Kohli, the campaign celebrates the ups and downs of life on the road and encourages us all to live life to its absolute fullest. 

The TVC opens with Virat walking down a scenic highway with his American Tourister luggage bag when the sudden roar of engines makes him turn around. As a pack of burly Croatian bikers flies down the road towards him, Virat pulls them over to ask for a ride. After failing to communicate with the hulking leader of the gang, Virat turns away resignedly. Suddenly, the leader spots his American Tourister luggage bag and his face lights up with a smile as he signals for Virat to hop on. Riding pillion as the gang zooms down the highway, Virat holds onto his bag as it glides on its wheels behind them. The TVC ends with a shot of the entire range of trolley bags and the tagline – Your Access to the World.


Commenting on the launch of the new campaign, Anushree Tainwala, Executive Director Marketing, Samsonite South Asia, said, “I am delighted to announce the launch of an iconic new campaign for American Tourister. When travelling the world your luggage acts as a gateway to thrilling new experiences – #YourAccessToTheWorld! And our new campaign perfectly captures the excitement of setting off on an adventure with nothing but your luggage. This newest range of wheeled luggage bags has been meticulously designed to be stylish, innovative, and instantly recognisable – the ideal companion for today’s globetrotting traveller. And there’s no one who embodies modern India’s thirst for travel and adventure better than Virat Kohli!”

Abhinav Tripathi, Executive Creative Director, McCann, shared, “It’s a pleasure to have a celebrity on a brand, and yet have the brand be a bigger celebrity. That’s our approach for American Tourister this year. We make Virat travel to obscure parts of the world, where he may not be known but his American Tourister luggage definitely is.”

Dave Kleiber, director of the TVC added, “Virat is quite a sport who was willing to take a subtle dig at himself in these films. It was a fantastic experience to be able to work with American Tourister and Virat Kohli to create these truly memorable films.”

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Last Updated on April 24, 2019 by Vishal Ravish