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[App Review] ZipGo: A Smarter Application For A Stress-Free Commute

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Today, I had an eye on the ‘ZipGo’ application that became a buzz during the initial stages of its launch which created disruption among the other bus and cab aggregators and stood out of the crowd for its services.

About ZipGo

ZipGo is India based online portal providing On-demand AC shuttle services for a daily commute. The platform is a member’s only, private, on-demand bus service that provides a comfortable, safe, reliable, convenient, and affordable urban transport option for the mob.

Founders and their story

ZipGo, a mobility startup is founded on August 11, 2015, by Gaurav Agarwal, Neeraj Paliwal, Pritesh Gupta, Jitender Sharma.

Jitender and Gaurav before co-founding ZipGo were the co-founders of TaxiPixi, an app for transportation. Neeraj is a former employee at Kiwi and Pritesh is ex-employee at Ola and TinyOwl.

Reason to choose Buses by ZipGo

Jitender reasons that Bengaluru traffic situation deteriorates the climate, convenience, and comfortable transportation. To make a hassle-free commute, they came up with the idea of choosing ZipGo. Another scenario is that the car aggregators are readily available but with staggering price ranges. This is one such app that is out of the flickering zone when compared with other applications. The price is just for Rs 4/km comparably lower than the taxi/cab market in India. So if one looks at this situation, commuters opt for buses which is more affordable and less expensive than any other means. The company strives to narrow the traffic congestion and other delicate issues like pollution and more.

ZipGo meets Technology

It seeks the help of technology to connect commuters to the company. The Bengaluru-based startup leverages the enhanced technology providing easy access to the commuters to travel with more ease. The startup follows the aggregator model, the team meets the vendors and explain the system to them and on boards the drivers.

ZipGo assists commuters in a smart way

With the assistance of the app, you can view all the routes, stops and timings that they serve. After selecting the home and work routes, you can view the Estimated Time Arrival of buses on your chosen path. It also offers the users to view seat availability and can reserve the bus seat. A user can track the bus movement in real-time in the app.

ZipGo is integrated with Paytm. The app uses the information given by the buses and generates data on what the actual traffic congestion situations are and the amount of time it will take. It also offers Welcome Gift to each customer, and it is different for different cities.

The company primarily focus on –

  • Live-Tracking
  • Safety
  • Affordability
  • Navigation Assistance
  • No surging prices and lot more

ZipGo Facts!

The company raised a total of $52M funded by Essel Group, VenturEast, Omidyar Network, Orios Venture Partners. The company lock horns with Shuttl, Cityflo, and Commut. And has a total annual revenue of $1M. It operates in Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Jaipur, Pune, and Delhi NCR by offering 12-45 seater AC buses across several routes.

Many mobility startups follow the unique way to approach people, but only a few startups stamp their name with an innovative and crowd-pleasing idea. Personally, I feel that ZipGo made a very sensible move in founding the company and undoubtedly stood out from the crowd.

Now, I see a no-reason to be late to the office!!

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