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Ballot is stronger than bullet

geoAmps election
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geoAMPS India organized an election initiative, focused on millennials in particular, in which the employees encouraged young minds to step out and vote, explaining how elections are an integral part of democracy. They emphasized on the fact that citizens have a legitimate power to choose who will serve the country for the next five years. In many ways, tech and social media companies are well-suited to reach that demographic. The efforts show the companies’ concern about young voter turnout, as well as a determination that they can change that.

geoAMPS has always been known for its role in taking great initiatives for the betterment of the society with their charitable initiatives as well as by providing opportunities to use alternative energy sources at cost friendly and simple ways. 23rd April, 2019 will witness the 3rd phase of elections. During these crucial days, the geoAMPS’ India team is spreading awareness about how elections affect the future of the whole country and that everyone as responsible citizens of the country should cast their vote. Gaurav Bahadur shared his thoughts saying, “Voting is the opportunity for change. This election let’s take the responsibility. Let’s vote!” Team geoAMPS believes Ballot is stronger than bullet, where each vote matters so every citizen should utilize their rights and cast their vote.

It is important that the companies who have platforms, whether it’s tech companies or individuals who have spheres of influence, are willing to speak out as these activities garner attention & increase people’s participation levels.

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Last Updated on April 23, 2019 by Vishal Ravish