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Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of justice trailer analysis

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The primeval era’s superheroes that haven’t let their shining armor lose the shine are now geared up to exhibit their heroic actions in an upcoming American superhero film titled Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. The film as the title goes would feature Batman and Superman as the main characters. The camaraderie, enmity and alliance between the titular characters are unique, poles apart when it comes to personality but they continually unite forces.

Well! After a crooked leak, the world finally got to witness the first official Batman Vs Superman trailer. Majority of people would admire these superheroes and might be desirably waiting for the movie to release in the succeeding year. There is so much to chatter about it; therefore, here is a complete analysis of the movie.

Comprehensive psychiatry of the movie:


Let’s begin with the opening line of the trailer that states ““Is it really surprising that the most powerful man in the world should be a figure of controversy?” This line caters to a mysterious purpose. The prevalent theme of the film encases that how Superman’s existence grounds the entire humanity to go downhill into an existential catastrophe. Man of Steel is perhaps, amongst the most popularly accredited superhero movies and it fanned the flames to evolve controversies and critic-based storms for the action, annihilation and obscurity. However, this opening line would prove to serve a mysterious purpose this time, indeed.

Comprehensive psychiatry of Superman Vs Batman:

The trailer exhibits a shot of various people coming closer to Superman exhibiting Superman’s facial lexis articulating that he doesn’t envisage being the divine figure for people. The most persuasive and gripping things about Superman’s character is, his unvarying effort to subsist and retain the image that has been shaped in the psyche of the people. For most of the people, Superman is an idol, the hero that inspires them and Clark Kent, is continually living up to the anticipation of the people.

Not just a stature for the city or country but Superman is a stature for the world. Well! Superman can conveniently swop positions with an authoritarian, but will he or should he be supposed to? Will these issues be the cause or an instigation to start a war? In an appealing scene exhibited in the trailer, we get to witness a cluster of soldiers going down on their knees in front of Superman. They come into sight having Superman scraps on their shoulders too. As he stated that he doesn’t deem it fit to be called as a godfather or as a divine figure and it is doubtful that he is in charge of those people.  In another scene, people are humming a chant of “Go home, Go home!” It is evident that the character of Superman shares an immigrant status. It comprehends and makes one mull over the thought that he might be viewed as an illegal immigrant and people might want him to go back from where he came. The clear picture would be comprehensible once the movie releases!

Comprehensive psychiatry of Batman Vs Superman:

Followed up by the voiceovers, “That’s how it starts, the fever, the rage, the feeling of powerlessness that turns good men…cruel!” In the perspective, Alfred could be conversing with Lex or about Lex but after the trailer psychiatry, it seems that the line is directed at Bruce Wayne. The first look of Batman gawking at his windswept suit, he looked bothered and averse. He seemed as though he was familiar with the thought of stepping back into the fixture to covenant the entire alien situation.

Batman exhibits an extremely superlative costume. There were conjectures that the movie would showcase Batman in the city having a brawl with Zod. However, that might be a part of the flashback, in the trailer. The final scene insinuated the faceoff between the two titular superheroes with a phenomenal cinematography.

The concluding analysis:

However, it is said that a trailer should not reveal too much. Because when people go to watch a movie in the theatres, it should have the gripping factor and some trickery. The trailer was superlative with amazing shots. The darkness of the trailer might upset some but when Avengers did it, not many complained so why now? Darkness brings drama. The movie has still time to release in the theatres, till then, fabricate your curiosity!


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