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#BeingEmojis: Are You Not Sure About Using Emojis In Social Media Marketing?

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Emojis are the best way to communicate with the world speaking 17 something official languages out of a rough 6500 spoken languages in the planet (including English).

“Sometimes expressions express better than words”.

We can see that it happens often but not sometimes since the emojis took power in communicating with others. Emojis became the language in expressing everything with a single tap rather expressing with words.

🤑 Emojis- The language of Expression

On November 1, 1997, a set of emoji was released by J-Phone, a Japanese mobile phone back then was not widely used by people. But later, in 1999 Shigetaka Kurita created the first ever widely used set of emojis who used worked for NTT DoCoMo’s i-mode mobile Internet platform.

Till date, there are like 3019 emojis with more than 5 billion emojis sent daily on social media like Facebook Messenger. As per the survey, it was recorded that 92% of Internet users are using emojis while most of them who uses are between 25-29 years old.

Are you ‘Thinking Emoji’ not sure about using it in social media marketing?

Emoji slang became too addictive that we cannot stop comparing others and ourselves with emojis. We speak emoji language if you ever observed it while texting your family and peers.

Happy…Smile…Tears out of joy…Thumbs up…Heart eyes( for your love)…Angry and much more emojis one sends to them so that they can understand what you are feeling about.

🤔Why do some companies chiefs think using of an emoji is slang but not a formal way of communicating with the people in social media marketing?

What happens if you use them for social media marketing? It isn’t a taboo.😱

Some of the social media marketings will not accept and doubt if the use emojis will hurt their business and people think they are childish to use.

3 potential reasons on why your social media marketing should use Emojis

Give your boss reasons.

1. Emojis are ubiquitous

One of the best things that happened to the world is social media. Everyone uses for many reasons, and most of them apply for marketing. But people do not want to limit themselves within their location; they want to elevate their brand across the world. Then comes the language barrier. So how they can express?

Emojis, of course. They are universal. People can easily understand them as their meanings are the same. It is one of the sources of Internet marketing.

For example, McDonald’s one of the biggest brands, make their services better understandable with the help of Emojis.

2. Emojis attracts audience

Most of the social media marketers use of it to attract fans or audience. Influencers use them to increase engagement. A recent analysis reported that nearly 31 million tweets and half a million Facebook posts use emoticons and were a common factor in the influential accounts.

3. Emojis drive innovative for campaigns

In a digital marketing field being innovative and creative is a must. It demands employees or a creative team to know more about social trends.

The big names like Taco Bell, Disney, Spotify, and World Wide Fund(WWF) never hesitated to say it with emojis. In fact, their innovative campaign ideas really attracted the crowd.

Here’s an example of WWF using emojis to tell about endagered animals

4 ways to use Emojis- When and How

1. Be specific and precise

It is more important to know how to use emojis to catch the eyes of viewers. Most of the marketing fail to use the proper emoji or clutter all unwanted at once. You and your campaign idea look crass in the public point. Always use precise and straightforward emojis to make people talk about it and use it.

2. Use emojis into your brand

People love something new, simple and trending. Use them to engage with them.

Domino’s to make their campaign more exciting and fun to order. The pizza company used Pizza Emoji by letting its users click on it for ordering. Isn’t it cool?!

3. Do not make use of emojis for serious content

Using emojis is always fun and cool, but not on specific issues. If you promote on delicate issues or sentiments of people, they going to hate it for sure.

For instance, Hillary Clinton took to Twitter to ask people on their opinion on student loans in 3 emojis. This tweet gained a lot of negativity on lightly taking a serious issue.

4. Do not try to include when no needed

Many Internet marketing people try to involve them when not necessary. Use of emojis comes naturally like how we text a wink or a heart eye to friends when they post about something. Use of them should be like a normal one, not like you are showing off them when not needed.

Reading this, I hope you will not doubt on using emoji anytime and suppose it is a great chance to help your boss being social.

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The option will enable you to see all the other Instagram posts that have hashtagged with.

Mark your calendar on…

World Emoji day is on July 17.

Yay! Hope you got a chance to show your marketing innovations on this day specifically.

Word of the year?

Seeing the crazy use of them, Oxford Dictionaries named Face with Tear of Joy emoji as their “2015 Word of the Year”.

I suppose, all the readers will now be a happy emoji from thinking emoji.

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