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Best Live Chat and Customer Support Tools

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Live chat is a platform that enables you to chat with visitors of your website. Basically, it is similar to your instant messaging apps on phone but here you are chatting to your customers instead of people you know. For customers point of view, a customer can only chat to the operator on the host website, unlike instant messaging app where he or she can chat to anybody they want to.

What is live chat

Benefits of Live Chat:

Reduce Expenses: Most of the websites are going with phone support these days but phone support is very costly in terms of toll charges whereas live chat support costs you much less and allows your operator to multitask. With right kind of training one operator can handle 2-3 chats simultaneously.

Increase Sales: According to a study, a customer who uses live chat is more likely to buy your services. Live chat tool can increase your sale conversions by 20% and Return on Investment on live chat can go up to 300%.

Customer Service: Customers all over the world these days are preferring live chat over a phone call or email for their queries or grievances. So if you are an owner of an e-commerce website then Live chat tool is must have for your website. It also gives you a competitive edge over your competitor if your customer support is quick and helpful.

There are many more benefit of live chat tools like customer convenience and faster problem resolutions.

So, now that you know why Live chat tool is important for your website lets have a look at some of the best live chat tools in the market.

Top Live Chat and Customer Support Tools:

  • Live Person: 

    Live person is one of the first live chat software services and perhaps most popular too. Live person integrates with Salesforce and Facebook to provide you analytic reports to show your customers report and where are you losing your customer.

This is also one of costliest live chat tool, it costs 99.99 dollars per month so if you are small size business this might not be the right choice for you.

  • Comm100 Live Chat

    Comm100 is one of the simplest live chat tools to implement on your websites. It is also integrated with Salesforce to provide you analytic reports. Customers can also rate the chat operator to help you improve your services which will result in the growth of your sales.Comm100 prices start from 29dollars per month to 49 dollars per month based on types of services you want.

  • Bold 360

    Bold 360 is Everything you need for smarter, more personalized communications is built into Bold360. It provides you mobile engagement and productive analytical reports to help grow your business. Bold360 helps both your customer and agent to have a helpful conversation.Bold 360 let you choose the services you need for your website and then send you a customized quote for those services.

  • Live Help Now

    Live Help Now has every thing you need in a Live chat software. From customization to translation to visitor trigger, LiveHelpNow is a virtual buffet of customer support features. This tool integrates with google analytics and Salesforce to help you build on your customer experience.

Live Help Now costs 21 dollars per month per operator to 50 dollars per month per operator based on services you opt.

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