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BM Consulting- Digital Marketing Company In Pune

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About Us:

BM Consulting is India’s leading organization in Inbound Marketing. In today’s extremely dynamic business world, the major challenge for the corporations is to navigate with the rapidly evolving digital and innovation landscape. Thus, we believe in helping organizations streamline and grow through the internet network.

We at BM Consulting™ strive for excellence in our core areas of proficiency. We cover almost everything when it comes to Online Advertising. Online Reputation management, website Audit, designing, digital marketing, social media management, Search Engine Optimization and a lot more is on offer for our clients.

It’s our passion and zest for digital marketing that has enabled us to make a vast difference client’s businesses by providing best services. In a business world led by change

What do we do :

We specialize in creating off-beat and result driven digital solutions. We revolutionize an idea into reality, offer comprehensive digital services with strategic differentiated approach.

BM Consulting presents to its clients (sets of) services that will assist in easing their online journey and assuring maximum leads. Covering a range of marketing verticals, BM Consulting is aimed towards giving its clients the best solution for marketing your business.

Our Core Services include-

  • Search engine optimization
  • pay-per-click advertising
  • E-commerce Sales
  • Affiliate and Influential Marketing
  • Online Reputation Management
  • web development and strategy
  • High conversion rate landing page design
  • Website Audit and Customer Rate Optimization
  • content management
  • mobile marketing
  • email marketing  

The Team:

Located in Pune, we’re a team of 30+ employees as marketers, designers, content writers, and technical support team that has worked collaboratively with our clients to drive their sales and growth. 

It started with a thought of breaking the monotony of the traditional market scenario and setting a new benchmark in the field of creative online advertising. 

At BMC here, we not only have specialists who understand all the aspects of digital marketing but also know how to bring it all together and make the most of it.

The CEO and other Founders of the company:

Kanhaiya Upadhyay

Title: Founder

Qualification: Computer Engineering

Experience areas: Marketing Management, Digital Marketing, SEO Expert, Internet Marketing, Brand Consultant

Expertise: Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing Strategies, Executive leadership, Lead Generation, Team Management Certifications: Google Certified, Google Analytics, HubSpot Inbound Marketing

About Founder: Before starting his stint as a CMO in BM Consulting, he has prior experience as a marketing manager and flaunts 6 years of expertise in the digital marketing. He is an Engineer with specialization in computer engg from Pune University. His credentials include Google certification, Google Analytics and HubSpot Inbound marketing.

What he says: We live in a continuously evolving world where technology has become the new mainstream. This advancement in technology has changed the way a consumer makes an opinion about a brand and make purchasing decisions. While this digital metamorphosis can be challenging, it is truly a best way to stay ahead of the competition.

Chaturbhuj Yadav

Title: Chief Technical officer

Qualification: Electronics Engineering

Experience areas: Oracle RDBMS, Unix OS

Expertise: Programming languages (Perl, Java, Shell, PLSQL, Javascript), Web and Mobile apps

About Founder : An electronics engineer, he is a veteran with 5 years of experience in IT field with excellence in Oracle RDBMS, Unix operating system with dexterity in programming languages like Perl, Java, Shell, PLSQL and JavaScript. He is presently associated with a couple of projects involving web and mobile apps.

What he says: Digitalization is everywhere. Take a quick glance around…things are changing at a pace and future scope for digitalization is tremendous as it makes the processes way more efficient. This transformation has a huge impact on the Marketing department too. From responsive sites to brand reputation management via the social media, digital is the way to go.

Ojaswita Chaturvedi

Title: General Manager

Qualification: Electronics Engineering

Experience areas: Data warehousing, Oracle Business Intelligence reporting tools, Network and hardware maintenance

Expertise: Programming languages (C++, PLSQL, HDLs), Team Management, Marketing Optimisation Certifications: Oracle BI Specialist

About Founder: An Electronic Engineer, she completed her Ph.D in Bio-medical engineering at University of Botswana and currently works in BM Consulting as a General Manager.

What she says: Today, what businesses need is a strategic roadmap for achieving the goal they are looking for. Placing yourself in the shoes of the customers would let us understand a consumer’s buying behaviour and thus providing a superior user friendly experience.

Why People Need Us:

Throughout the world there is a lot of buzz about digital marketing.

With the evolution of modern technologies, businesses are doing everything they can to keep up with its pace, by changing their business models to an online one and switching from traditional marketing strategies to digital marketing strategies. Eventually, this is done with an attempt to be on the top in their respective domains.

This is when we come into picture! We, at BMC, help the organization unleash true potential of Online Marketing by helping them to create a sustainable digital footprint in a cost effective manner.

We are equipped with modern tools and new ideas which not only help businesses to provide that extra edge but also an overview of their domain’s competitor and stay ahead of the curve.

Thus, having the technical expertise to ensure that your organization is assisted in all the right aspects, in all the right ways, to all the right people, utilizing innovative strategies and latest market trends is the major factor that assist you in achieving the results you are looking for.

Future Aspirations:

To be recognized as an Online Branding and marketing company who not only connect corporates with their consumers only for business, but also fervently to spread the strength of human values.

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