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BuildaBazaar an end to end platform for online commerce growth

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With online commerce market in India expected to boost by $50 billion by end of 2018 from the present $38.5 billion, the demand for a full-fledged e-commerce platform has to be at the top. Due to this ever-increasing customer demand and cutting-edge competition for an incredibly convenient e-commerce platform, the platform provider companies are much-needed to introduce the new innovative platform features as well as functionalities more persistently.

Ecommerce in India

Here are some significant benefits and features that make BuildaBazaar an end to end e-commerce platform

a) Platform to Grow Businesses

Businesses today not only need a platform that is easy to manage but also helps them grow their sales on a consistent basis. BuildaBazaar is an influential e-commerce platform provided as a hosted solution which assists businesses to build their online stores with timely updated features to help you boost your revenues.

The Software as a Service (SaaS) model makes sure you get a scalable and robust platform without having to be much bothered about software or hardware maintenance.

b) Essential Marketing Tools

Businesses can boost online traffic to their stores by running online marketing campaigns through the BuildaBazaar platform. You can highlight your e-commerce store with keywords matching the diverse brands and stores.

c) Direct Connect to Social Media Networks

As social media revolution has made it feasible for businesses of all types and sizes to reach out their target audiences effectively. With the precise tools, BuildaBazaar allows you to engage with your customers and audiences by utilizing social sharing features.

d) Payment Gateway Options

Payment gateways also called as online payment processors are essential to every e-commerce store. Without them, you cannot take online payments from your customers. Online payments on your store can be transacted using Debit cards, Credit cards, and online banking through the payment gateway.

BuildaBazaar offers support to integrate with numerous local as well as international payment gateways along with handy payment alternatives.

e) Desired Customizations

BuildaBazaar is the platform that lets you create and customize precise online shopping experience by allowing the building of unlimited store web pages to display your products. Commanding widgets makes straightforward to add required banners, content and images to your web pages. The on page customization tool enables you to make changes to the web store content at your convenience.

f) Trouble-free Order Management

From the placement of order to managing your inventory, delivery of goods, picking, shipping and stock-taking can be handled by BuildaBazaar platform across your store. And this can be executed with the completion of all your orders from a single panel. The generation of invoices and tracking of shipments can be done through advanced store administration panel. These facilities allow customers to monitor or track their placed orders and stay informed on the up-to-the-minute status of their orders.

If you are an offline business intending to go online or an online business who wants to be improved benefits, BuildaBazaar is an end to end platform where you can effortlessly manage as well as boost your online sales.

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Last Updated on January 29, 2018 by Vishal Ravish