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CrediFiable: Founder, Funding, Business Model And Competitors

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About CrediFiable

“ Say goodbye to paperwork and get instant online loans.”

CrediFiable, an uber-new computerized tech-empowered FinTech startup that offers online personal loans to salaried people. A new age digital lending platform revolutionizing the consumer loan market. They leverage technology to offer a fully online personal loan.

A new age digital lending platform proffers intelligent personal loan engine can offer final EMI in 5 minutes to the consumer. With fast disbursal of money across all cities providing an instant personal loan to the customer.

Founder & Foundation

CrediFiable is established in April 2016, Bengaluru, India by Ms. Presha Paragash

Ms. Paragash is an ex-UBS Associate Director for UK Mergers & Acquisitions, an Investment Bank and Financial Services company. She also co-founded Sol Primero, an early stage investment firm.

The digital lending company is recognized primarily as the best personal loan supplier as they wed on the component rich bank personal loans not enduring themselves accessing any private player.

Presha addresses the three pain points concerned by salaried professionals looking for personal loans namely the certainty of obtaining a loan, final loan quantum and interest rates, and speed without compromising on its portfolio risk.

Best services provided by CrediFiable

Three user-friendly reasons why one ought to choose CrediFiable for personal loans:

  • Takes 5 Minutes to get a final approved plan for personal loans.
  • Zero hassle experiences while you apply for personal loans online.
  • Regardless of your credit history, the company provides an aggressive interest rate for a personal loan.

How can CrediFiable benefit a customer?

“Time is Money” a perfect Saying complements today’s world. The company characterized an extremely straightforward process aiming to help customers with the personal loans on the web.

  1. Through the online application, you can get moment loan endorsement in only 5 minutes. All you need to do is fill a basic online application, transfer delicate duplicates of PAN card and 3 months of ledger explanation. The CrediFiable framework gives your last affirmed loan sum.
  2. The customer gets plans at the great interest rate for a personal loan. The company’s framework gives you alternatives at the mind blowing interest rate for a personal loan. One need to affirm the loan EMI choice for yourself and transfer your compensation slips and KYC archives.
  3. Sign a loan agreement after getting all the essential archives. Cash will be transferred into your record in the following 72 hours. And enjoy the Peace of Mind!

Business Model

CrediFiable democratized access to credit through a credit decision-making model and a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) lending platform which is beyond the traditional risk score.

The uber-new computerized online personal loans assess a borrower’s profile holistically on various parameters apart from the usual credit history and credit score. There is no need of panic even if a customer doesn’t have a credit history; the company provides them with an instant personal loan at a most moderate interest rate.


Early-stage VC firm Kae capital is the lead investor to digital lending startup CrediFiable has invested undisclosed amount. The company’s annual revenue is estimated to $1 Million.

The company’s reinventing personal loan; at better terms and fully automated loan application with an instant EMIs attracted the investor to fund the amount which using beyond traditional method to support salaried people with aggressive loans.


Lendbox, LoanTap, Faircent, IndiaLends, Rupaiya Exchange and LendingKart are some of the crucial contenders for CrediFiable.

The platform remains to be the reliable loan provider in India providing focused interest rate for a personal loan. The online lending startup offers speedy and simple personal loans via an online process with no paperwork needed or breaking a sweat by running to the banks for loans and EMIs.

Reliable online Creditor

CrediFiable became the most recognizable online money lender which runs the gamut of services and offers to the customers with just a tap on the online site breaking the cliches and providing instant and easy travel loans, Personal loans for certifications, wedding loans, short-term loans, and more. Offering personal loan from Rs.50 Thousand to Rs. 5 Lakhs for an individual salaried customer.

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