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Facebook Partners With Ad Agencies Heads To Recreate Video Storytelling ‘Thumbstoppers’

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Thumbstoppers a new feature was launched by Facebook India. The initiative by Facebook India is to recreate short-form mobile video creativity in India for mobile advertising.

Thumbstoppers was developed in partnership with advertising industry leaders like Wunderman Thompson, Ogilvy, McCann and Mullen Lintas, Leo Burnett to transfigure storytelling for mobile advertising.

Facebook Thumbstoppers?!

Mobile has been humankind’s biggest discovery. It changed the lifestyle of people and brought some marketing changes. And it is proved that mobile is the one thing that people rely on for any content faster.

Facebook India using a new development ‘Thumbstoppers’ has come forth to change the marketing strategy. Traditional advertising formats are usually of 30 and 60 seconds, and people scroll down instead of watching the long advertising videos. To embrace every mobile advertisement, the company has proposed a video which can be told stories in under 10 seconds evoking emotions, and change of human behavior and stop scrolling the videos without watching them.

So, “Thumbstoppers- Short stories move hearts.”

To embrace mobile advertising industry, creative agency leaders like Sukesh Nayak- Chief Creative Officer at Ogilvy India, Senthil Kumar- Chief Creative Officer Wunderman Thompson India, Garima Khandelwal- Mullen Lintas, and many significant agencies leaders participated in the initiative.

Senthil Kumar, Chief Creative Officer, Wunderman Thompson, expressed

“Short stories move hearts. It takes only a few seconds to show support, break down barriers, display kindness, start a movement or express that love has no boundaries. Our campaign created to launch Facebook Thumbstoppers is a mobile kick-starter of sorts. The idea is to demonstrate that storytelling can happen in a short and sweet span of 10 seconds.

Exploring this telegraphic short format in the mobile medium is important because of decreasing attention spans and growing impatience. Each of these films tells a story that has some underlying purpose or human truth in it. Much like advertising for brands, these films also use drama, emotion, suspense, and humor to tug at your heartstrings.”

A silver lining to show your proficiency in ‘Thumbstoppers Challenge’

As a part of the campaign launch, Facebook India is throwing an open Thumbstoppers Challenge. It welcomes all creative minds to submit their short stories of the brief of behavior change in less than 10 seconds by July 12.

The results of winners will be announced in August, and the top winners get a chance to travel to Cannes in 2020. It even produces the top 20 films of the winners.

Interested candidates can Click here to get rolled in.

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