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GamingMonk: Funding, Founders, Business Model, And Competitors

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About Gaming Monk

GamingMonk, an esports gaming company is a Competitive Gaming Tournaments played across platforms as on PC, Mobile, and Console.

The Company has 2 verticals:

1. Offline Tournaments

Tournaments held across India in 8 cities and planning to expand it to 16 cities by next year.

2. Online e-sports Portal

Launched in August 2017 by bringing the tournaments to experience online and in a mission to reach out to every gamer in India.

The company strives to create a community for gamers providing the best gaming experience at GamingMonk.


  • Video Gaming
  • Competitive Gaming
  • Gaming Tournaments
  • News &
  • Review Esports
  • Events
  • B2B Events

Foundation & Founders

GamingMonk is a private company established in the year 2014 by friends from Amity University Ashwin Haryani and Abhay Sharma which is headquartered at New Delhi, India.

Ashwin is the founder of CYBRICKS before co-founding the esports company whereas Abhay is a former RA Analyst in Airtel company.

The kick-start of e-sports

GamingMonk started as an e-commerce marketplace for gaming titles, accessories, and consoles in November 2014 but due to the e-commerce titans like Amazon and Flipkart marked their places in India soon they directed towards the gaming zone for offline and online gamers. By 2015 they started console gaming tournaments in Delhi and Bangalore. Around 180-200 gamers participated from Mumbai.


In 2017, GamingMonk used the funds to launch its subscription-based eSports portal hosting tournaments for FIFA, DOTA 2, Clash Royale and Rocket League, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and many others. Depending on the tournament registration is priced.

Game Strategy

Gamers required to use the ‘Tactical’ game play than the conventional ‘Legacy,’ each game will last for four minutes, and the finals will be 5 and a half minutes long. The registration cost is Rs 400 for single player, and co-op mode(2VS2) registration is priced at Rs 900.

A player can pause the game to substitute players and changing the strategy only twice per game, and it is possible only when it is offside, fouls, etc. Players can pause the game when a player is sent off or injured to change him and his strategy.


GamingMonk raised a total Rs 40M with 2 funding rounds. The company has 5 investors

  • AdvantEdge Partners
  • Smile Group
  • Rajan Anandan
  • Stellaris Venture Partners
  • Incubate Fund

Business Model

GamingMonk is one-of-a-kind brand that uses the growing e-commerce and Revenue model to connect with the gamers worldwide directly.


  • LXG
  • AFK

Game Changer

Online sports gaming platform GamingMonk allows millennials to play comfortably and competitively at their homes. Today the company has more than 20,000 active gamers mostly of students and young professionals. The online sports holds dozens of smaller competitions with the prize money of Rs 50,000 to 60,000 to attract the casual gamers to motivate their game.

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