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Get Socialised, Get Educated

source : www.convergeconsulting.org
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There is no age bar to learn .The Internet revolution and the evolvement of social media has improvised this aphorism. Social Media can be used as a tool to access authentic and detailed knowledge of almost any and every field. All one need to have is just the desire to learn and explore.

source : www.convergeconsulting.org
source : www.convergeconsulting.org


The range of this e-learning is both vast and vivid. Its challenging to list down all the types of courses that one can avail using Social Media.Still an effort has been made to classify the services.

In order to crack any academic completion one needs expert teachers, precise study material and on track guidanace. Uptil few years all these facilities were only available in the respective institutes. However now via official websites
an enrolled student can attenend live online classess,visit the recorded lectures,ask questions through live chats and enjoy the benefits of quality education.

The field of competions may range from medical,engineering ,banking and administrative services.
Apart from renowned institutes there are open forums which enable a learner to question and answer and even cross-check thereby leading an enhancement in concepts clarity.
Many special web sites for self evaluation are also available which allows a scholor to take direct test and analyse their level.


There are some creative minds who have a quest for new discoveries. They are neither in the race of high academic scores nor money. All they want is to bring out something new.Something that the world had never witnessed before or something that could bring a change for the better .A huge no of videos available can help them with in this saga.


The born artist and the people aspiring to lead an artistic life can visit the various blogs ,videos and expertise their skills. From simple flower arrangement ,calligraphy to the technical vocal singing,yoga and dancing.



The online applications are so designed that they can be downloaded and easily accessed on the widely used smart phones.


Being a virtual part of the institute cost nominial price. Much of the facilities can be subscribed at acceptable prices.The charges paid for the design and innovate sections are just the appropriate data packs on your devices.

Authentic and Certified

The videos ,content available are visited everyday by millions of users.The reviews and comments available can give you an insight of quality.
There are many e-learning sites that provide professional trainings and then a certificate acknowledging the same. It gives an acceleration on the professional front.

Comparison with the traditional education

Social media is undoubtedly a better platform than the traditional schools .The main reason is the enhancement in creative thinking and quality education imparted. Knowledge sharing is the main reason behind this success.Moreover, a school can provide limited courses but via social media one can learn uncountable courses.


Although education via social media is challenging the traditional education system yet its only the institute that can provide a comprehensive education .The behavioural aspects can only be inculcated by them. Thus to excel stay yourself updated with social media and come out with flying colours.

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