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Google I/O 2019 Keynote: Major Announcements From The “Innovation in the Open”

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….And again we are back with some striking announcements made during Google I/O 2019 keynote.

Google I/O slogan’s “Innovation in the Open.”

Finally, a grand wrap took at Shoreline Amphitheatre, California and afterparty hosted by The Flaming Lips, an American rock band for Google I/O 2019 annual conference.

This time Google majorly lived up the conference with a significant slew of announcements to all the Google maniacs.

It started with a witty touch and important keynote by Sundar Pichai, CEO Google. It kicked started with Google’s mission-

“Organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.”

The major announcements of Google I/O 2019

Let’s hear in detail about the highlights.

Pixel 3a and 3a XL- On Sale

The rumored and much talked about Pixel 3a and 3a XL is made official with the cheaper Pixels with headphone jacks. The phones initial price of 3a starts at $399 and 3a XL for $479 which comes with an advanced camera features including features Night Sight, Super Res Zoom and more.

Google Maps to get incognito mode

Google Maps will soon update with Incognito mode for more private searches both available on the web and the app. It is initiated to try to minimize location and search tracking. This comes for the users to automatically delete their web, location, and app activity between periods of every 3 to 18 months.

Google’s Augmented Reality Model

The company at the Google I/O conference pronounced exciting features in Google search that uses Google Lens and Augmented Reality(AR).

The feature uses a combination of camera, computer vision, and AR to cover information and content onto a user’s physical surroundings. Chances are more to roll out the AR feature in the search result later this month, where users can enable to view and interact with 3D objects. People can search for a 3D model and can place it in their physical world with the phone’s viewfinder. Amazing!

Android Q Beta

Google’s Android Q beta now offers Dark Theme for every standard Android app. Previously, the Android Q beta was unable to turn it on/off, but now, we can select the inverted app colors manually or turn it on using battery saver mode.

Google is also adding a new feature called Focus Mode. The mode lets you select particular apps you want to avoid using during a period. Families can also soon link accounts between parents and kids to set the app limitations to see what apps kids are spending the most time on.

Google Lens

Image depicts using Google lens can get the Bon Appetite magazine receipe

The new Google Lens features are accessible from the search bar in Google’s mobile application. It is all set for an upgrade to offer more visual answers to visual questions.

Some of the updates to Google Lens:

  • Automatic translations: A user can place or point Google Lens at a text, and it will translate it into 100+ languages.
  • Restaurant menu searches: Point Google Lens at a menu and pops up with the information about reviews, photos, and items of food.
  • Text-to-Speech: Place Google Lens at a text, and it reads out loud to you.

The Nest Hub Max

Google announced that the Google Home line would be rebranded under the Google Nest Umbrella for $229. It is a combination of the Nest camera, Google Home Hub, and the Google Home Max offering a security camera, loudspeakers, and smart display with a built-in camera- all in a single gadget.

Next Gen Google Assistant

The next-gen Google Assistant processes requests are all about speeds, letting users speak a command. The conversation feature lets users speak more naturally rather than saying ‘Hey Google’ ahead of each request.
Besides this, it also has a personalized Assistant feature called “personal references. For example, you can ask an assistant like “what’s the weather like at mom’s house?” Google will understand that you are talking about the city in which your mother lives and gives you the details.

Live Captions

Now, this is insane, a new Live Caption feature! Awesome. Google provides Live Caption feature adds subtitles to any audio or video source that runs on your device; no data needs to be sent or received. This feature will be introduced in Android Q and is working on features like Live phone conversations which will be called “Live Relay”.

Podcasts to be added to Google search results

Another major announcement by Mr. Sundar Pichai is about podcasts getting to the Google search results. It is not just by the titles but by the content. For the example, presented by Mr. Pichai, if a user wants to learn about black holes, it will give you podcast episode results from a variety of places.

It even lets a listening option of the podcasts on the search results.

With unpredictable inventions and developments, Google is getting better and beyond. More exciting to use the features and can’t imagine what’s coming for Google I/O 2020, might be something beyond to the present.

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