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Google Maps Rolls Out New Feature ‘Stay Safer’ In India

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Google Maps India has launched on Wednesday a new feature “Stay Safer” for users. The feature alerts and notifies users travelling in taxis or auto-rickshaws when their vehicle goes off-route. The feature will be available on users Android phones with the latest version of Google Maps.

Stay Safer feature also shares the live status of their trips with friends and family.

Amanda Bishop, Product Manager, Google Maps said,

“Through our extensive research across India, we found that a lot of people limit their mobility due to safety-related concerns. To address this, we are launching another India-first feature that will deliver a more relevant and reliable experience to our users. Our new ‘Stay Safer’ feature on Google Maps will alert users who are travelling in taxis, auto-rickshaws etc. in case their vehicle goes off route, giving them peace of mind.”

How can users enable Stay Safer?

Users, after selecting a destination and getting directions can activate the “Stay Safer” and “Get off-route alerts” options by selecting them.

Stay safer feature in India

Suppose a driver veers by exceeding more than 0.5km from the suggested route the phone will buzz with notification alerts where they can tap and see the original route. They can also choose to share a live trip with close ones directly from the screen and can keep track of the journey.

As of now, the Stay Safer feature is available in all Android versions but there is no statement regarding the feature launch in iOS applications.

Beginning of this month, Google Maps also launched three new features to assist commuters who depend on public transport.

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The features include-

  • Approximate time of a bus trip.
  • Checking of real-time long-distance trains status.
  • The journey time of a passenger who takes up mixed mode of transport.
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Last Updated on January 31, 2022 by Vishal Ravish