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Google Notification: Launches Shareable GIFs, A New Hub For Small Business, And More

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Google Notification (updates), no wonder taking the lead with the trailblazing development to the Internet. It’s making everything possible to the internet world and remained as a one-person ruler grabbing eyeballs. The search engine major has become a virtual Santa Claus surprise us with its high fidelity technology and tools.

This time it has back-to-back substantial updates with shareable GIFs, new hub caters to small businesses, and a new way to promote in-store sales.

Let’s tap on the notifications.

Google Notification 1

Google Images introduces ‘Share GIFs’ in search results

share Gifs by google

Now you use a ‘Share’ button for GIFs in Image Search for users to share them to various apps.

The company acquired the Tenor platform last year to integrate its feature into its search engine.

“GIFs have become an essential part of communicating with friends and family. Whether we’re texting, emailing, or posting online, we’re always on the hunt for that perfect GIF.”

According to the company, the use of GIFs and search of these images are tripled over the past five years. The feature is being added to the mobile search adding a shareable button that allows a direct send to different apps- Gmail, Hangouts, WhatsApp, and Android message.

The shareable GIFs which Google has represented has been uploaded from streaming services, YouTube community, movie studios, and other content creators. The GIF has become a common practice today where networks are branding to increase there market.

The company is factoring ways to let the users’ curate content to appear in the new Image Search section. They stated,

“Any content provider, GIF creator or GIF platform can submit GIFs to the new section on Google Images by either uploading GIFs to Tenor.com, or connecting with Google’s partnership team.”

The share GIF feature is available on all the iOS and Android search app.

Google Notification 2

Prefaces a new hub for small business marketing

On the occasion of International Small Business Day, the multinational technology company has created a new home on the web for small business marketers.

Kim Spalding, Product Management Director at Google

“I’ve had the opportunity to get to know many small business owners and the challenges they face. Most of them tell me that they need help saving time at work, or that they need easy tools to help them promote their business.”

Based on the feedback from small business owners. Google for Small Business has initiated some of the new accesses:

  • Personalized plans- It will generate a step-by-step plan of recommendations post-answering a few questions regarding your business and goal.
  • In-person workshops- Now, business owners can locate workshops happening around them.
  • Latest news- This section helps to have updates about small business-focused tools and services.

Google Notification 3

Promotes New Ways For In-Store Sales

Google Ads is launching new ways to promote in-store sales for local businesses. As per the company, searches like ‘on sale near me’ has grown 250% over the last two years. To support advertisers by taking the edge of this inrush is bringing some possibilities to the local campaigns.

  • Location groups- Advertisers with this feature can promote a part of business locations by creating location groups that are specific to those locations for creating ads promotion.
  • Optimize for calls- Advertisers will now be able to set up local campaigns within a few weeks to veer calls to businesses.
  • Asset Reporting- These reports can be used to have an insight into their creative performance.
  • Improved smart bidding- Google introduces seasonality adjustments to smart bidding to increase sales when optimizing bids.
  • Local inventory ad promotions- Promotions can be docket into the local inventory ads to highlight in-store offers present in stock.
  • In-Market audiences- The team is stretching in-market audiences with more sections like sports, education, beauty, and real estate.

That’s all folks! To know more about updates by Google, do sign in to our website.

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