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How often should you post on social media in 2022

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With the increase in companies and the competition also increasing among different businesses. Nowadays it is hard to sustain a business in the market; it’s all because of improper marketing. Social media is the best platform for promoting your company or business. But before promoting your brand on the social media we need to first learn about how to write a post for social media platforms to engage the audience to your website. You can promote your brand and product on different social media platforms like you can also promote your brand by running marketing campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others. But it is important to know each and every point before posting anything on social media. Let’s look at some key points of posting on social media in 2018.

  • It is important to be consistent in posting on the social media.
  • Before doing anything, always make sure that you must have an objective in the mind or planning because it is not important that your post will be successful or not.
  • Content is the main key to success for every social media post if your content quality is low then you couldn’t able to get more traffic to your site.

Presence on social media is very important part for every single organization or company. There are many companies who don’t spend much hours on social media because they only some time frames on which they can attract maximum number of users to their website and their products & services. They have their own limits of posting, for example if a company is posting for 3-4 times a day that doesn’t mean that it will attract less customers as compared to other company who use to post 5-6 times per day. Consistency is more important than the frequency so always be consistent to your posts.

Many people thinks that they are the best social media marketers but they fails. If you want to become the best among all social media marketer then you have to do those things that others are willing to. You should first research about your followers i.e about their liking and disliking. You can also use some tools that will provide you the data about the customers by which you can easily know about the users and produce content according to that.

Now we will discuss about some different aspects that is important before post on social media like posting timings, frequency and post length.


Twitter is the best platform to promote your brand. In twitter people use to post things in the form of tweets. People use trending hashtags to engage more users to their twitter page and their website. If we talk about the timings on which we can attract more users then if you post at 3 p.m. then you will be able to engage more traffic to your page and it will also increase the impressions and click through rate. If talk about the posting frequency then it is important to post 1-4 times per day. According to social media experts, if we focus on these parameters then our traffic will be increased by 3,150%. Now the most important fact is the length of the tweet so if you want more engagement to your website and page then you must write between 90-100 words.


Facebook is the biggest social media among the different platforms used for promotion and marketing campaigns. Facebook has over 2.19 billion users and you can easily make an idea that it is the best platform for marketing. According to some study, if we write posts with 40 characters then we can increase traffic by 80%. We should never ever go for the long post that will looks like the story and then this will decrease your followers. If we post for 2-5 times per day then we can get more followers and influencers to our Facebook page and we can also increase the traffic of our website. You can also use Facebook Insights to better understand the users and market. According to Hootsuite, if we post between 12 p.m. to 3p.m then we will get more likes and clicks to our Facebook page.


With over 800 million users Instagram has created the benchmark among the other social media platforms. Instagram is owned by Facebook, Inc. and it is very much similar to Facebook. In this we can post pictures, videos and many more things. We can also upload the status by adding different filters. Nowadays it is the best platform which is used for promoting the brands and their products. We can convert our personal profile into business profile and can start promoting our company and their services. The best time to post on Instagram is from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. because at this time you will get more views. According to some experts, it is must to post 15 times per day then you can get followers in a huge number. There is no exact length of the characters for the post but it should be of short or medium size.


Pinterest, another famous social networking app on which we can share and discover new interest by posting or sharing videos, images and many more stuffs is called as Pinning. It is the best platform where we can search according to our interest. In Pinterest a board is there in every page which consists of different pins on different categories. According to news, we should write post between 150-300 words by this we can get more views on our page. We should write 5 pins per day to get more engagement to our page. Some of the famous brands like Foods, LL Bean and Lowes said that if you want the best results then you should post 3-10 pins per day. Evening hours are the best duration for posting pins.


LinkedIn is a famous social networking platform of professionals and businesses where people can apply for jobs and also can promote their brands. It has more than 500 million users from different countries and it contains different users like CEO, founders, Executives, Managers, TV Stars and many more. It is the best platform to promote your company and if we opt the premium plans then we can promote our brands on users news feed. If talk about the timings then the best time to post is in the early morning and if talk about the posting frequency then it is must to post 20 times per month to get high number of views and shares. According to OkDork, the length of the heading should be in between 40-49 words and the content with over 2,000 words gets the more engagement as compared to the shorter length content.

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