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The Anatomy of a Perfect About Us Page for your Website

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In a website or a blog, there is this page called ”About Us Page”. As the name itself tells, the “about us” page gives the audience an idea about your company. Just a glimpse of that page should tell the whole scenario of your company. Beginning with how it (company) started to end with your vision, everything must be on the about us page. The thing is, your “about us” page has to be a storyteller of your company. It must have a gravity, that pulls the visitors and makes them your customers.

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Every company’s website consists of an “about us” page, that’s not important. But how effective and unique it is, matters and that’s what you need. Your “about us” page must be different from others. Something interesting, something fun yet informative.

How to create an effective “about us” page?

Okay, every company understands the importance of the About Us page and thrives for having an effective page, so they hire for people who have awesome writing skills. But it lacks some or the other point. So for an effective “about us” page not only writing skills are important but also few other key points that are to considered.

About us page

Let us have a look at those key points that has greater chances to  create an effective “About Us” page:

What’s your company about?

The main thing About Us page is to let people know, what your company is? What does it provide? What is it based on? What makes your company steal from others in the market? Why the customers have to choose you among many other companies? Your About Page has to be the answer to all the above questions. Concentrate on other questions too that are most likely to be questioned by the customers. Think from their perspective and design you’re about us page. This gives you the opportunity to stand out from your competitors. Explain to them what you are and what all the benefits you claim.

Narrate your story:

The first thing that the visitor wants to know is the history of your company. How did it actually start? From where did the idea has come?  Who is the founder? People always opt for something only when they get trust upon it, and that trust comes when they find something genuine and truth in it. Confess your true story, don’t bluff it up so that it gets some more weight. Narrate your story as if you are narrating to your friend.  Add some humour and fun elements. Make visitors feel realistic and interesting.

Work experience and team profiles:

Add your different employer’s experiences at the work, how they work in the company to meet their customer’s requirements which allows them to see behind the screen. You can also add your team profiles, which indeed a great idea.

Mention your targeted audience list, so that it makes easier for the customers, like who to connect with and who not to.

Colour it up with some infographics:

The infographics add some more colour to your page. But not more images and videos that fills the whole page. Add videos describing your work process, your awards and achievements. Make a gallery of team members, annual celebrations, Conferences. Increase the page effectiveness by the word of mouth. Word of mouth by your customers to gain more customers. Make videos of your customers experiences with your products and services and add them to your page.

Prove instead of just writing:

Provide your main motto and vision, achievements and awards, pictures of the awards and certificates you have received showcases your popularity and the position of your company in the market. Instead of writing stuff about what you have done to reach so far, show them. That increases the trust in them.

Facts and track records:

Add your company’s interesting facts,  that drives the audience attention. Only the real ones, don’t at all think of bragging. Your track record, the number of trusted customers your company is having. These small things will surely make a huge difference from others. If your company is new and doesn’t have that much of track record, don’t worry, once your customer list increases add it in your about page. Remember, the about page must always be changed the time to time. don’t be like once made, it will remain forever. No, the page must be updated based on your achievements and changes occurred.

Contact details and Social Media accounts:

As it is the most visited site of any other company’s website, mention all your necessary contact details like phone no., email id, the address of your company and also all of your social media accounts.

Keep an eye on your competitors:

Always be informative on what’s happening on your competitor’s side. Keep a track on their every move in the marketing strategies, because the competition is everything in the business. Think ahead of their every idea that allows you to be stable and standard. 

If your company is having any ambassadors or support of the famous influencers, don’t forget to use their presence on the page. That gives some more publicity among the customers. The About Us page, need not be only in a single page, it can consist of various pages. To be honest, there is no boundary for the About Us pages. Use your creativity levels to make it more effective. Add inspiration, humour into it. In the end, all you need is an “About Us” page that brings you approach and trust from your customers.

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