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How to Create Influential Content on Social Media?

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Social media content needs to be tailored very meticulously. The right content influences your target audience and helps in fostering a relationship with them through the different social media channels. So, how to go about creating influential social media content?


1. Write for the audience:

If you write solely for search engine marketing purposes, you might not be able to create content, which your readers will be able to connect with. Instead, if you write keeping the readers’ interest in mind, you will make a better impact.

2. Conversational Tone:

Writing in a conversational tone is a good way to attract the readers’ attention. It is going to be easy for them to understand and relate to.

3. Informational Content:

Don’t fill your content with fluff. Make sure you include valuable information from which the readers can benefit. Once your readers realise that publish top quality content, it will enhance your credibility in your niche. You will be soon recognized as the authority in your industry.

4. Keyword Research :

It is important to focus your content (articles, tweets etc.) with the right keywords. Proper keyword research will give you a fair idea about the most commonly searched and written about information in your niche. Also, remember to hashtag your keywords to reach out the right audience. Use AdWords tool or topsy for your keyword research.

5. Interactive Content:

Interactive content in form of polls, contests etc is an effective way to create brand awareness. Participatory content encourages maximum customer engagement, which in turn solidifies the relationship between a brand and its followers. Also, with such type of content, the number of fans and followers is likely to increase.

6. Use Stats:

Infographics with informative statistical representation will not provide valuable insights to the readers about your niche but also is attractive enough to arouse interest in several others.

7. Be Consistent:

Don’t make the mistake of posting social media content once in a while. Remember, to post at regular intervals. The way to go about is schedule your posts using social media tools such as Hootsuite. You could post the same piece of information in multiple social media channels. Cross posting boosts the visibility of your content.

8. Experiment and Analyse:

Try posting different types of social media content for example, contest, informative articles, conversational blog posts, helpful infographics etc and analyse which one of these forms yield the maximum result. With little time and research behind analysis, you will be able to find out what works the best for your business model and accordingly, you can repeat the process for maximum results.

Remember, social media content marketing is ever evolving. So, keep yourself updated about the latest trends, so that you can take the maximum advantage of it!

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