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How to optimize your website for voice search?

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Voice search has completely changed the era of the Internet. Earlier, people use to search by entering the text in the Google search engine for their search results but now people searches by using their own voice. Siri is the first virtual assistant that came in the market. There are many voice assistants that are used by the users like Siri, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Bixby, Cortana, AIVC (Alice) and many more are there. Google Cortana is the voice assistant used in the personal computers like laptops. Too many people search using keywords and phrases for their results but don’t you think that it takes time to type those words. Google came with an idea of voice search by which people can search by their voice and it will also reduce the time spent in typing the words and sentences. Voice search talks like a human, its voice is so natural and real.

Google says that approx. 20% query comes from the voice search and approx. 55% people use voice search more than twice a day. If you are in another country and want to search for the restaurants and famous places then people search simple like ‘find a restaurant near me’ then it will show the information about the nearest restaurants and hotels. Sometimes we forget to text someone then we can easily send text messages by voice assistant. You can check the weather of your place including the different places. Voice search helps us to search the things faster. You can also call someone with the help of voice assistants; simply say ‘please call Jason’ then the voice assistant will call Jason directly from the contacts. Google is also going to release an update in their Google voice assistant in which our device will take all the appointments by making a call in the background.

Now let’s look on some ways by which you can optimize your website voice search.

Google My Business Listings

When people search for some products and services then so many companies’ information appears in the search results. It is important to share your business information in your website’s contact page. It is important to claim Google My Business Listings for your website. Google searches information about your company, about the services and products that you provide, your company’s address including the map, your company’s contact number and many more. If you have optimized your site for the local keywords then if someone searches for services and products in your area then your whole companies’ information will be displayed in the search results.

Mobile Friendly Website

Approximately 99% people use the mobile device for voice searches. So it is a must that your website should be mobile-friendly. According to Google, website owners should always use responsive designs for their website. You can check whether your website is mobile friendly or not with the help of Google’s Mobile-friendly Tool. But it is not enough; your website also has to load faster so that people will come to your site again.

If we are using WordPress website then we can install PageSpeed Insights to check the speed of our website and can improve in future. According to SensoMotoric instruments, only 5% people read the text; 58% of people scan the text instead of reading and 37% of people only read headings.

How do people speak to the virtual assistants?

If we want to increase the traffic of our website and wants customers to reach your company or restaurants then it is important to know that what sentences people use often to search about hotels, restaurants, parks etc. so that we can use those common keywords to optimize voice search of our website. We can also make some test by searching for ourselves and after that, we can look at the content that is going to be generated.

Structured Data Markup

Content is not sufficient for any website to make it popular. Google search engines look on some different factors also like Schema Markup which is also known as Structured Data. We can also call it as Meta Data that contains information about the website and this data goes directly to the code of your website but people don’t see that microdata but it can optimize your website’s voice searches. But how microdata are related to voice search? People often search for the addresses, contact information, location and many more. If we want to put that specific information in the Google voice search engine then we can use microdata.


In a website, it is important to add FAQ pages in your website that focus on the long tail keywords and phrases. Find some new keywords and natural language questions, and use it in the FAQ pages of your website. By this, your website’s voice search will increase which leads in increasing the ranking and traffic to your website. Also, take some questions that are asked directly by the people like “Alexa, play me a romantic song”, these are the new search keywords that people are using nowadays.

Sometimes people are confused about the software and they stuck in some functions, and for a solution they voice search for the solutions of their questions and Google voice assistant displays the best search from the FAQs of different websites. Many people use different keywords in both type search and voice search. Let’s take an example that if a person type searches for ‘best restaurant near me’ then they will definitely use some different phrase in case of voice search like ‘what is the nearest restaurant nearby me’. So these phrases are different and the keywords which are used in this also make a difference in type and voice search. FAQ pages contain many questions that are most-asked by the people. It can be anything if someone is looking for antivirus software then the user will first go through the FAQ pages where the user will get the most frequently asked questions regarding the software functionality, specifications, space required to install that software and many more.



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Last Updated on January 31, 2022 by Vishal Ravish