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How to Promote Your Business with Instagram

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Instagram is the mobile app that facilitates image marketing for brands. The Instagram users can share their pictures with all their followers on Instagram as well as on the other social media channels. Business brands are big time taking advantage of this too to attract more customers towards their products.

Originally, Instagram started out as a platform for exchanging pictures. However, its marketing potential is gradually being recognized by different business, who use different strategies in using their pictures for branding purposes.

Below are a few tips for business marketing using Instagram:

Set Instagram Goals:

First, set a goal for your Instagram marketing. Do you want to use it to develop an interpersonal relationship with your target audience? Or you would want to use Instagram to show the different processes involved in your business. Once you have a set goal, you can proceed with the marketing efforts.

KISS profile

Keep It Short and Simple, which will make your profile interesting enough. Remember, you don’t have the liberty to write an elaborate bio, so instead write a crisp one and link your profile with other social media profiles.

Post relevant images and videos. See to it that whatever you post is relevant to your business niche and should be informative as well as interesting for your target audience. If you are posting a video, make a compelling one with a brief text overlay.


Connect with other Instagram users. Comment on their pictures, repost them. This was you can build a good network and also get recognized in your business niche.


Use hashtags. This will boost the visibility of your products or pictures. Hashtags make it easy for the searchers to look for specific content. Hashtags help in getting your images or videos noticed faster.

Use the Right Filters

After you click your picture, before sharing it, add filters to it. With the help of different filters, you can adjust colors and set the moods according your choice. This is help in beautifying your pictures and also speak high of your brand.

Time it Right

In order to realise the maximum potential of Instagram, you must time your posts properly. Also, you have to be consistent in your efforts. For example, don’t post a picture or a video, once in a while and that too in the middle of the night. Posting 2-3 times a week during the morning, evening and night has better chances of driving the maximum number of visitors.

How To Get 100 Followers a Day on Instagram?
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