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How to use Facebook Messenger for Marketing

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Facebook Messenger is the messaging app in which people can send a message to their family, friends, colleagues, employees, and others. Facebook messenger was developed by Facebook in 2008 and it was officially released on 9 August 2011. It is an instant messaging app by which we can share photos, videos, and many more things.  It is the best app among different apps for promoting businesses or startups. Nowadays we don’t use Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn as much as we use messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Viber, and WeChat. According to an update, Facebook Messenger has more than 1.2 billion users all over the world and that’s the big number to target for the better promotion of the company. It is a great platform to promote your website’s content by simply sending articles to your users directly to their inbox. With Facebook Messenger, one can easily promote their company by making groups of companies where you will share all the updates regarding the company and their services in the group. With this, you can easily increase your sales and audience in the market.


Some ways by which you can boost up your marketing with the Facebook Messenger:

Deliver the content

Delivering the content is the most important part in every business. There are many companies that couldn’t able to communicate with their users and customers which lead to the failure in marketing. Now you can easily install your company’s own Chatbot with ManyChat. With Chatbots you can send make auto conversation with customers. You can use Chatbot for increasing sales of your business and can also use this feature for providing customer service. You can also use Chatbots in order to confirm the transactions. If you want to make your own Chatbot then you have to go to website of ManyChat and can easily make your company’s Chatbot, and but it costs your around $15/month which is not a big investment for our business. According to HubSpot, Facebook Messenger is the best platform to share your content with audience and by using newsletter Chatbots for the blogs or informational websites can increase their traffic on their website. You can also provide different offers regarding your magazine or news articles to the users. You don’t have to be a coder to make a Chatbot, you can easily make it from different websites like Chatfuel, Botsify, Flow XO, ManyChat, Beep Bop, Bottr, Motion.ai and QnA maker.

Help users to find relevant content

Sometimes people don’t want to see updates, newsletters or any kind of daily articles because at that time they want to search for the things for which they are looking for. For example if a person wants to search about the Bill Gates then he/she only wants something related to Bill Gates not our daily updates. In this case we can easily provide them articles of their choices from our website to Chatbots. There are many famous websites who owns their personal Chatbots like TechCrunch, Food Network and Whole Foods Market to solve users query and find articles based upon the user’s choice.

Some strategies which are essential for a successful marketing:

  • Your website should be mobile-friendly as we can see that approx. 95% users uses mobile phone for messaging, promotion etc.
  • In every business, we should give selling as the first priority but the content comes first in every aspect and with this we can send our traffic to our website.
  • Customer service is the key to success so it’s important to solve user’s queries.
  • Always use menus in your website so that people can easily find and read different articles.

Grow audience during Events

You can send detailed information and reminders to the users about the events which are going to be held. According to HubSpot, Facebook has higher response rate then an email. For example if you are organizing an event and some users have signed up for your event through Facebook Messenger and after that with the Chatbots you can send them reminders about the events and can also ask them to save the time of event in their calendar app. After that you will send the updates regarding each day of event like information about day 1 and then Chatbot also suggests them to watch those evens online. Chatbot also ask for the feedbacks from the audience about how much do you like the event and did you enjoyed it. You can also send details of events which are not present on Facebook. If you want to make a subscriber’s list and also want to broadcast messages for free then you can use the ManyChat tool. Broadcasting a message is similar to sending an email to someone like there we attach message and attachments like files, image etc.

Running Facebook Messenger Ads

Advertisement is the best source by which we can grow faster. But people will definitely think that what is Facebook Messenger Ads? It’s the method by which we can redirect audience to our company’s Facebook Chatbot with the help of advertisement. It is the best way to increase traffic and influencers to your website. You can offer something to users like free newsletter service, free ebook or training and for that you can redirect your users to your conversation chat of Facebook Messenger by using call-to-action advertisement like if we want to redirect our audience to our company’s Chatbot then we will mention in the advertisement like for more or for registration go to this link and that link will redirect them to your company’s Chatbot. This is similar to the Landing page which is used to increase more leads to the businesses.

Steps for creating an advertisement which open up the conversation in Facebook Manager:

  • First you need to open Ads Manager to create an advertisement. After that select your marketing objective as “Traffic” then you have to select the any of the platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network and Messenger. Select the messenger as the destination for advertisement placement.
  • Now you need to enter the heading of your advertisement and input the text or message you want to convey to your audience. After that you have to select a call-to-action option by which you can redirect your users to your conversation of Facebook Messenger. You can also add link of your website and can redirect it to your Chatbot.
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