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Being Human Celebrated its 5 Year Anniversary with Awesome Campaign

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Being Human a clothing and accessories brand by famous Bollywood actor Salman Khan has launched a series of social media campaigns to mark its fifth anniversary. The campaign #5YearsOfBeingHumanClothing features Salman Khan and 8 Unsung Heroes from distinct fields. The campaign is shot by the renowned photographer Prasad Naik and conceptualized by agency Pulp.


Objective of the Campaign

The core objective of the campaign was to celebrate the 5 year anniversary with a few unsung heroes with regards to reach some other unsung heroes. It was 13 days long campaign started on 2nd of October. The vision was to celebrate the anniversary by calling out and celebrating the unsung heroes of the country by setting up a contest through Being Human’s huge reach on social media.

Strategies and Execution:


#5YearsOfBeingHumanClothing campaign had online & offline activities. The online campaign was initiated to leverage the huge reach of social media has to find genuine heroes who help better the society in some way. The company rolled out videos of the heroes who were a part of this campaign. The campaign also motivated the follower to bring other such heroes in limelight. They announced that they were accepting text entries & removed the age bar as they were getting entries from young kids who’ve done a phenomenal job as the budding heroes they are.


It was 13 days long campaign started on 2nd of October to 13th October. So let us discuss the execution of this awesome campaign day by day.

2nd October

On 2nd of October, the company launched its first video. It was a teaser featuring Salman Khan. The video was rolled out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The video got an amazing response from the viewers. Here are the figures of the response the teaser got from Social media.

Facebook Twitter Instagram
Engagement 3,514 1,301 3,676
Reach/Impressions 33,950 26,817 21,100
Video Views 8,396 2,424 9,567


3rd October

On 3rd the company launched a full video featuring Salman Khan. This 1 minute 48 Second video featuring Salman Khan and 8 unsung heroes of India who are doing amazing social work. The video showcases the work of 8 social workers so beautifully in less than 2 minutes.

The video got the better response than the teaser video and became viral on the internet in no time. Below is the figure of response which being human video received from social media.

Facebook Twitter Instagram
Engagement 25,188 1,682 2,194
Reach/Impressions 7,00,921 57,341 18,100
Video Views 1,81,574 16,219 Not Applicable


4th October

On 4th company launched a contest where the rolled out a video asking from the audience for more inspirational stories around the country.

Here is the figure of response to this video.

Facebook Twitter Instagram
Engagement 78,705 89,342 2123
Reach/Impressions 3,791,879 89,342 18,700
Video Views 887,259 42,494 4922


5th to 12th October

From 5th to 12 October each day the company rolled out a post dedicated to one of the 8 heroes. They posted videos featuring these heroes and their contribution to the society. These post also got amazing response from the audience. Meanwhile, they also start getting other inspirational stories from all over the India.

The Contest Performance:

Initially, Thet just received generic comments appreciating our efforts to the society. The company gets a lot of other really genuine participants after the seeds were rolled out.The CTA was well communicated to the audience as almost everyone had a clarity on being a part of the campaign.

Facebook received the highest amount of entries as compared to the other websites. Salman’s presence in the campaign helped to reach a wider set of audience. Based on the kind of comments and appraisals received for running the campaign, the branding definitely got the positive response which worked well as a reminder as to what the brand stands for. The campaign then ended on 12th of October and the entries were closed with a count of 31 positive entries.

The result of the Campaign:

The campaign was so beautifully conceptualized by Pulp that Being Human saw a tremendous growth in fan base on all the social media platforms.

Platform Increase in Fan Base
Facebook Likes 8423
Facebook Followers 9061
Twitter 2607
Instagram 4019
Total 24,110


Whizsky’s Verdict:

Whizsky has reviewed many social media campaigns but so far this was the most successful campaign of the year. The USP of the campaign was the execution and planning that went through to execute such massive campaign. The theme of the campaign went with the overall image of brand Being Human.

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