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Know- How To Use Instagram Two New Features Creating More Fun

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Instagram is not a new kid on the block and never loses its popularity and remains a popular kid forever. The Facebook-owned photo-sharing app is exceptional in unveiling new features. Never lets the expectations down by the users. It comes up with enticing features to create more stories and fun with the features.

Instagram never let users settle with the features it has, always in the headlines for one feature or another. Instagram has rolled out with new features as we know, i.e. ‘Countdowns’ and ‘Question Stickers’. The new features can be used with Instagram live videos and Stories.

CountDown Stickers

CountDown stickers are available on the Instagram stickers where you can set Date and Time where you will be provided with the ‘Choose End Date’. Once the CountDown is set it runs till the given time. Users who see the countdown can follow it, enabling users to receive notification when the countdown is completed.

The sticker is very useful and helpful for Marketers to countdown to an event, product launch or a webinar. It is useful for E-commerce firms to remind followers about a lapse of limited time offer.

How to use Question Stickers?

Instagram Live got complemented feature to make the live in Instagram more interesting called ‘Question Stickers’ on Instagram live.

  1. Take or select a video or photo and add it to your story.
  2. Tap on the questions sticker in the Stories sticker tray.
  3. Type in the prompt for questions.
  4. Place it anywhere you wish for on screen.
  5. Finally, post your story for all followers.

How to Reply?

Followers of a user need to tap on the sticker and enter the text of their question. The question is displayed in the viewers’ list of your Story, and you can tap the question to respond to generating a new story. At last, you can reply as a text sticker on the new Story and publish it.

As we know Live videos are too popular for answering questions by followers. If many questions are streamlined at once, the user loses track of the interesting and exciting questions shooted by the followers, to avoid this question stickers are used to give answers without a miss.

Ain’t it interesting?! Isn’t exciting?! Instagram never always comes up with the new features rising interest in users to use Instagram every day. From live videos to music stickers every feature is included in the stickers tray to generate more stories and pictures. Instagram is a virtual scrapbook helps us to feed the page with stacks of memories and more.
I feel it is just one of the features which they released and more to come. From local to international brands everyone uses Instagram to make it more potential among users and create more hype to their products.

Hope this piece of information is helpful.

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Last Updated on December 27, 2018 by Ramya Krishna Cherukuri